July 31 2014 Embase Release: Focus on Medical Devices, with an optimized search experience

The upcoming Embase release focuses on enhancing the retrieval of Medical Device information and also offers an improved search experience for all users — no matter what subject you are working on.

New medical device indexing and search options allow even more precise searches on the coverage of medical devices in the literature, allowing you to:

In addition, optimized search functions and new ways to communicate with you will let you manage searches more easily and keep up-to-date with important topics.

Search for company and device-specific information

To design novel a novel medical device with clear improvements on what is currently available, you need to stay informed on information reported in the literature. The new, dedicated Device search form includes the option to search using subheadings for adverse device effect, device comparison, device economics and clinical trial. This allows more precise searches on medical devices in the literature and supports your complete development strategy, from device design to preparation of clinical evaluation reports to post-market surveillance.

Deep medical device indexing and filters for device trade names and manufacutereurs allow you to leverage information found in the literature — by searching for what's been done for similar devices, you can access information to support successful regulatory submisions and better inform your reimbursement strategy.

Track adverse device effects

The Device search form includes the option to search using subheadings for adverse device effect, helping you to fulfill strict regulatory post-market surveillance requirements.

Manage results more easily with optimized results filters

Results filters are an excellent tool for drilling down and refining a results set using the information identified in the filters — like what you will find with the new drug & device trade names and manufacturer filters.

Additional improvements to results filters include:

Enjoy a better search experience

Navigate results and search more easily, particularly when performing searches from the results page, with enhanced the search functionality.

Help and information are at your fingertips

A banner at the top of Embase.com will let you know about upcoming webinars, events, new materials, release info, articles, tips and tricks/workflow focus, case studies and content updates. We're also introducing a new, improved dynamic support hub to replace the current Help in Embase.