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30 April 2014: The latest Embase release makes pharmacovigilance, comparative drug monitoring and data analysis even easier

The newest version of Embase, released on April 30, gives you more options for finding drug-related information; new data export options; and faster and easier access to search queries and results.

See all the changes in detail below!

Interoperability with PharmaPendium
Performing a search for a drug reference in Embase now delivers streamlined access for information on that drug from PharmaPendium, including links to FDA/EMA approval and drug review reports and to preclinical and clinical observations and reported adverse events (AERs). The PharmaPendium tab found in Embase search results gives you more information about the drug to support pharmacovigilance and competitor monitoring and suggests additional free text searches in Embase that might return additional information. Users with a subscription to both PharmaPendium and Embase can link directly to PharmaPendium for in-depth drug information without having to start a new search.

Text filter export support
In response to high demand, we've made it possible to export filter data up to a 2000-variable limit. Exporting filter data lets you easily produce and share crucial lists, for example to show all the conferences or journals where a particular topic was discussed or to easily review the complete list of diseases found in combination with a particular drug search. You can also explore potential relationships, like those between specific drugs and devices, based on the literature.

More accessible search forms and faster results
Without changing the great functionality that you're used to, we've streamlined the design and accessibility of the search forms. Now you can review all your search options without having to scroll down on the page, and the newly designed Autocomplete function covers drug and disease search forms to support your queries with suggestions for the full terms you might need. In addition, we've made searching faster, especially for those of you accessing Embase from behind strict company firewalls and proxies.

Discover the new options of the latest version of Embase today!