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ELSS product 


Elsevier Life Science Solutions is a suite of proven interoperable, domain-specific decision support tools. Built from our understanding of and commitment to life sciences, the tools are designed to enhance how organizations make insight-based decisions.



A unique Web-based chemistry workflow solution that enables you to access essential chemistry information by integrating searches for reaction and substance data with synthesis planning and chemical sourcing. Works across the chemistry workflow, and extracts key information from a wide range of adjacent scientific fields as well as core chemistry journals.


Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry

A specialist decision support solution that enables users to better identify, optimise, and prioritise compounds with optimum affinity, selectivity and ADMET properties. You can then better identify, optimize and prioritise compounds with optimum affinity, selectivity and ADMET properties.



Extract relevant comparative pharmacological and pharmacokinetics information by searching the entire history of drug development and locating published regulatory and commercial precedents sharing similarities with the class, the targets or the structural chemistry of your candidate drugs.



A highly versatile and up to date database that enables you to monitor published research relating to drug development, disease information, adverse event tracking and post-market surveillance.


Pathway Studio

Enables research biologists to explore molecular interactions and interpret biological cause and effect in experiments by leveraging information mined from Elsevier journals and the journals of other leading publishers.



Enables information professionals to better manage literature and information within their organization by providing database tools, workgroup sharing, content alerts, as well as advanced text retrieval and search capabilities.



A powerful biological literature search tool that combines unique search tools, unparalleled full-text journal article content and deep taxonomy-based indexing to deliver precise and relevant information aligned to your topic and your target discovery research.