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Driving long-term business growth has never been more challenging than it is today. Companies must invest in locating and developing new resources in frontier areas, while efficiently extracting unconventional resources has become a common challenge. The volatility of oil and gas prices, geopolitical complexities and concerns about the impact of industry operations on health, safety and the environment add to the intensity.

To help oil and gas companies navigate this complicated landscape and make confident decisions, Elsevier offers superior scientific, engineering and technology research solutions, developed with detailed input from industry experts.

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Oil and Gas Research Solution

Upstream Oil and Gas Research

Oil & Gas Exploration

Companies are multiplying their exploration initiatives across the globe and expanding their presence in areas that could materially impact long-term competitiveness in hydrocarbon production. They are encumbered with analyzing potential conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources in existing fields, new countries or challenging frontiers such as the Arctic and deepwater oceans. Despite the lack of easily accessible, reliable insights, firms must commit to investing in exploration activities.

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Oil & Gas Production

Locating potential plays is only half of the matter. The technical challenges of working in new environments and geographic areas are considerable, requiring production teams to find optimal ways to extract and recover usable petroleum – with only minimal insights into similar activities and successes available. In this environment, companies need access to the latest research and technical developments in order to achieve operational cost efficiency and systematic success in drilling and extraction initiatives.

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Upstream Oil and Gas Research

Downstream Oil and Gas Research

Downstream Oil & Gas

Downstream business in the U.S. and Europe, where most of the world's refining capacity sits, is becoming less financially attractive as slow growth, aging infrastructures and stricter regulations have driven down refinery margins. Meanwhile, developing countries are planning global-scale refineries with less financial pressure, enjoying growing local markets and government support. Additionally, energy resources like renewable fuels, biofuels, gas to liquids (GTLs) and natural gas liquids (NGLs) are entering the energy supply pool bypassing refinery processes. What tools do you need to succeed?

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Oil & Gas Research and Development

Long-term success and growth is highly dependent on the technologies, processes and scientific advancements that lead to finding and producing energy resources. Leading companies are consistently under pressure to solve big problems that affect society at large – and R&D initiatives play a critical role in addressing these challenges. Whether seeking ways to further develop unconventional hydrocarbon value chains, ensure the safety of employees and the communities in which they operate, or to identify approaches for improving productivity, innovation will always be at the forefront to success.

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Oil and Gas Research and Development

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