Life Science Solutions, Professional Services

Professional Services

Elsevier Life Science Solutions offers a dedicated professional services team to help you increase discoverability. Our team works in close partnership with you to develop and deploy solutions that are customized to your specific information needs.

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We combine technology and expertise to offer three types of services:

Content Integration

Companies that manage multiple internal and external databases often create additional maintenance costs and inefficiencies in information search, discoverability and productivity.

At Elsevier, we have the experience and capability to seamlessly integrate customer content into our user-centered information solutions, as well as the ability to feed internal repositories and third-party platforms with our product APIs.

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Life Science Solutions, Professional Services

Life Science Solutions, Professional Services

Text Mining

Elsevier can help you extract knowledge and insights from large volumes of scientific literature and internally-housed records.

Our team supports the creation of dictionaries and custom taxonomies, working side by side with you to test and improve indexing fidelity, leading to new hypotheses and findings.

Custom Informatics

Deep exploration of emerging research areas requires research and information competencies and capacity.

Elsevier Life Science Professional Services will work with you to:

  • Mine content sources to identify new biological pathways
  • Create manually curated pathways of customer identified content sources
  • Develop curated databases of identified animal or plant species

Life Science Solutions, Professional Services

About the Professional Services Team

Our team consists of dedicated solution consultants who assess your particular needs and project managers who monitor execution, along with content experts, information experts and software developers. Most of our team members have been with Elsevier for many years and hold advanced life science and information technology degrees.

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