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Successful drug development requires the navigation of the vast quantities of cross-disciplinary information published worldwide. With that volume of data, having a trusted partner that can help you gain critical insights is crucial.

Our Professional Services team is dedicated to giving you that support. Our experts will work in close partnership with you to set up the necessary data retrieval and management systems that support every stage of your life science research and development.

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What can our Professional Services team do for you?

Maximize your insight

Rapid answers to your research questions mean rapid decisions about drug candidates and pre-clinical and clinical trial design. Elsevier has the expertise to organize and harmonize knowledge from large volumes of scientific literature and internally housed records.

When you need custom dictionaries and taxonomies to meet your specialized research needs, our Professional Services team can create them, performing necessary search and indexing functions to give you optimal results.

Case Study - Support for Critical Drug Repurposing Decisions

Improve discoverability

Integrating your internal data systems and external databases improves the speed and power of data discovery. With integrated content, you can easily get the whole picture from all the resources at your disposal, whether commercial or internal.

Our Professional Services team has the experience and capability to integrate your content into our user-centered information solutions. We also have the expertise to integrate our data into your workflows using APIs. Integrated data improves discoverability and moves your drug discovery forward more rapidly.

Case Study – Custom Data Sets for Improved Discovery

Case Study – Accelerating Discovery with Data Integration

Avoid non-compliance

We understand the risks of missing adverse event reports in pharmacovigilance and other safety reporting mandated by regulatory authorities. Our Professional Services team provides the tools and expertise to minimize your risk.

Elsevier offers customizable search strategies that thoroughly search the available literature for adverse events and other crucial data. Furthermore, our automated processes for literature triage speed up the process of going from finding the data to finalizing the required AERs.

By creating customized informatics solutions, our Professional Services team helps you to maximize your knowledge — and thus minimize your risk — across the whole drug discovery and development process.

Case Study – Compliant Monitoring of Adverse Events

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