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In the fast-paced high tech industry, companies face challenges to bring innovations quickly and effectively to market. As the rate of technological change continues to accelerate, information needs will grow and uncovering the opportunities that differentiate firms from the competition is essential for success.

For every information need that researchers, managers and innovation professionals face, Elsevier has a solution, including tools they need to gain insights into market segments, revisit fundamental concepts, stay up to date on current trends and technologies and explore new applications and markets. Learn more about Elsevier's ScienceDirectand Scopussolutions.

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High Tech Research and Development


Harnessing the Power of High Tech

You might call semiconductors the heart of all high tech. Chip technology is changing the world with applications such as memory, smartphones and media tablets, which are fueling the consumer market and making advanced technology a critical part of everyday life. In this complex and uncertain environment, companies must begin building capabilities today to innovate and stay at the forefront of technology.

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Consumer Electronics

Introducing advanced technology to the consumer market

Companies must feel the pulse of the market as they bring customers the products that they want and need most. Developing the next generation of mobile and handheld devices is key, as is locating materials for next-gen displays (e.g., liquid crystal, plasma panels; thinner, lighter, more luminous). Consumer electronics companies are also consistently looking to expand and grow in adjacent markets, such as electronic medical devices and bioinformatics.

As you explore new ideas for new markets and work to develop new technologies, Elsevier is there to support your innovation and R&D activities.

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High Tech Research and Development