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Elsevier offers superior research solutions that provide vital insight into the science and technology of plastics research and development.

  • Discover the newest catalysts being developed to improve polymerization reactions
  • Assess the latest technologies for producing thermoplastics and engineered plastics
  • See the challenges and successes in the emerging bio-based polymers area
  • Reveal the synthesis processes of polymers with desirable properties, such as biodegradability

Plastics Development and Research

Without modern research informatics solutions, finding accurate, relevant and reliable content is time-consuming. Elsevier makes it easy for you to locate the best and most relevant plastics research information quickly.

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Elseviers solutions power your plastics research

ScienceDirect-plastics Development and Research

With ScienceDirect, chemical professionals gain web-based, full-text access to the comprehensive, trusted research necessary to stay up to date on current trends and technologies.

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Scopus - plastics Development and Research

For over 10 years, Scopus has enabled chemical researchers to find new technologies and approaches with a simple search that quickly returns trends, partner activities, content and more.

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Reaxys - plastics Development and Research

Reaxys is a complete solution for your chemistry research with dedicated features covering everything from quick, factual inquiries through compound synthesis pathway creation to report generation.

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Knovel - plastics Development and Research

Knovel is a cloud-based application for applied engineers, providing answers to the pressing technical questions posed by professionals working in plastics development.

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