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Get reliable scientific, engineering and technology information to support innovation and gain insights into mega-trends, including nanotech, energy and electrochemical research.

  • Access experimental procedures, conditions and results to inspire your compound synthesis and production concepts
  • Gain insight into the latest technologies and techniques for higher-throughput reactions and better process safety
  • Acquire knowledge about the latest scientific developments and emerging markets

Fine and Specialty Chemicals Research and Development

Fresh opportunities for innovation abound at the intersections of multiple scientific disciplines. As you explore these new frontiers, count on Elsevier to guide you with the smartest, most sophisticated research tools on the market.

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Elseviers solutions power your fine and specialty chemicals research

ScienceDirect - Fine and Speciality Chemicals Research and Development

With ScienceDirect, chemical professionals gain web-based, full-text access to the comprehensive, trusted research necessary to stay up to date on current trends and technologies.

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Scopus - Fine and Speciality Chemicals Research and Development

For over 10 years, Scopus has enabled chemical researchers to find new technologies and approaches with a simple search that quickly returns trends, innovations, partner activities, thought leadership content and more.

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Reaxys - Fine and Speciality Chemicals Research and Development

Reaxys is a complete solution for your chemistry research with dedicated features covering everything from quick, factual inquiries through compound synthesis pathway creation to report generation.

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Knovel - Fine and Speciality Chemicals Research and Development

Knovel is a cloud-based application for applied engineers, providing answers to the pressing technical questions posed by professionals working in fine & specialty chemical development.

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