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Elsevier offers a suite of valuable solutions to support agrochemical research and discovery. Semantically search billions of websites, 23 million patents and 40 million scientific abstracts to find key products and players.

  • Discover conditions, chemicals and plant and animal species involved in crop science experiments and toxicity testing
  • See state-of-the-art discoveries in biotechnology, plant science, insect science, organic chemistry, toxicology, soil science and environmental science
  • Access the latest findings in leading pharmaceutical, health sciences and medical device journals

Agrochemical Research

By providing the broadest platform of detailed scientific knowledge, Elsevier helps agrochemical companies like yours find new biotech partners and biotech applications, transfer pharmaceutical and medical findings to the plant field, and make more informed R&D decisions overall.

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Elseviers solutions power your agrochemical research

ScienceDirect - Agrochemical Research

With ScienceDirect, chemical professionals gain web-based, full-text access to the comprehensive, trusted research necessary to stay up to date on current trends and technologies.

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Scopus - Agrochemical Research

For over 10 years, Scopus has enabled chemical researchers to find new technologies and approaches with a simple search that quickly returns trends, partner activities, content and more.

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Reaxys - Agrochemical Research

Reaxys is a complete solution for your chemistry research with dedicated features covering everything from quick, factual inquiries through compound synthesis pathway creation to report generation.

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PathwayStudio - Agrochemical Research

Pathway Studio is a biological research informatics solution, providing access to millions of molecular facts from peer-reviewed articles. Model plant responses, interpret results and create better agrochemicals.

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