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Emerging markets, oversupply, market fluctuations and increased regulation each create a host of challenges for everyone in the chemical industry. To succeed, it's crucial to improve the cost effectiveness of production and invest in advantageous areas, while still working within the framework of local environmental and sustainability regulations.

Elsevier offers you scientific, engineering and technology research solutions that help chemical companies like yours competitively navigate this landscape and achieve your goals.

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Plastics research

Plastics Research

Get ahead of your competitors in plastics development

Your R&D teams are under increasing pressure to improve the physical properties of materials to make your plastics and products more competitive in your areas of application.

Understanding customer processes and technologies is critical in the effort to remain strong in the industry. The focus is on optimizing compound properties, seeking out new applications and developing new plastic and performance materials.

Elsevier supplies more than just high-quality content from polymer journals and renowned books, our tools help you turn data into insight.

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Agrochemicals Research

Pursuing open innovation to maintain competitive advantages

Agrochemical companies have to strike a difficult balance. As you work to produce pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers and other crucial agrochemical products, you also hope to make advancements in crop protection and plant biotechnology. You face multiple challenges, including rising R&D costs and the difficulty of making new agrochemical registrations and obtaining approvals.

Elsevier research tools provide the critical science, engineering and technology information for the development of new crop protection compounds and products.

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Fine & Speciality Chemicals

Fine & Specialty Chemicals

Find growth through innovation

Whether you are a small company working in fine and specialty chemicals or a specialty division within a larger organization, Elsevier's research solutions can benefit your research. From inks to APIs, your work often requires particularly complex mixtures and formulations that rely on the latest developments to stay competitive.

Elsevier is uniquely capable of supporting you with research solutions that help with everything from finding promising partnerships to developing new applications for products.

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