Who uses BioSource

Who uses Elsevier BioSource?

Elsevier BioSource provides pertinent and timely information for researchers, project leaders and strategic managers from a broad range of industries, including but not limited to: oil and gas, forestry and agriculture, energy, chemical, consumer products, and pulp and paper.

We support research and product development efforts that focus on diversifying feedstocks away from traditional fossil fuel sources, and developing new products derived from biomass or other non-fossil bio-based inputs.

Empower your R&D team researchers

Elsevier BioSource provides researchers with the scientific,
technical and IP information depth and breadth required to
identify, compare and apply emerging, modern technologies.
Our platform includes powerful and efficient information tools,
including a taxonomy of over one million structured search
terms and a landscaping tool. These features advance the
discovery of more relevant insights to your specific research
area in less time than any other comparable information
discovery tool.

R&D Team Researchers

Project Leaders

Project leaders

Elsevier BioSource supports project leaders in conducting thorough project scoping, equipping your team members with the tools and information required to achieve objectives on time and within budget. Guide your project teams with up-to-date information on the rapidly changing technology and IP landscape to ensure that you achieve the results you seek. Discover whitespaces where other competitors are less active and/or where patents are less concentrated to identify potential new opportunities.

Business and strategy managers

The bio-based market is an emerging one. New and profitable products is rapidly evolving, and new industry players are entering and competing with your offering. Elsevier BioSource is designed to provide business and strategy leaders with insights to reduce the risk in making strategic investment decisions in new opportunities. With the expansive overview of existing market innovations and patents provided by Elsevier BioSource, you can be confident that you are making profitable investments.

Business and Strategy Managers