Special Issues

Non-coding RNA in Aging
Ageing Research Reviews, Volume 17, pages 1-98 (Sep-14)
Edited by Thomas Thum

Oxytocin in Human Social Behavior and Psychopathology
Brain Research, Volume 1580, pages 1-232 (Sep-14)

Special section on Neuroplasticity: behavioral and neural aspects
Cortex, Volume 58, (Sep-14)

Retinal pigment epithelial cell culture: Current standards and technical criteria for model systems
Experimental Eye Research, Volume 126, pages 1-84 (Sep-14)
Edited by Bruce A. Pfeffer, Nancy J. Philp

Special Issue: The importance of sex in the etiology, presentation, and treatment of neurological disorders
Experimental Neurology, Volume 259, pages 1-80 (Sep-14)
Edited by Louise D. McCullough, Kevin D. Beck

Neurobiology Of Learning And Memory, Volume 113, pages 1-174 (Sep-14)
Edited by Mohammed R Milad, Jelena Radulovic

Secrets of the CNS White Matter
Neuroscience, Volume 276, pages 1-238 (Sep-14)
Edited by Ragnhildur Thora Karadottir, Kristine Beate Walhovd

Special Issue on Reward and Regulatory Processes in Adolescence
Brain And Cognition, Volume 89, pages 1-126 (Aug-14)
Edited by Sidney J. Segalowitz, Monica Luciana

SI: Development and regeneration
Current Opinion in Neurobiology, Volume 27, pages 1-240 (Aug-14)
Edited by Oscar O Marin, Frank F Bradke

Mitochondria, Metabolic Regulation and the Biology of Aging
Experimental Gerontology, Volume 56, pages 1-256 (Aug-14)
Edited by Natascia Ventura, Aleksandra Trifunovic