Cognitive Neuroscience virtual special issue

Differential engagement of brain regions within a 'core' network during scene construction 
Author(s): Summerfield JJ, Hassabis D, Maguire EA
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 48 Issue: 5 Pages: 1501-1509 Published: APR 2010

Reactivation of context-specific brain regions during retrieval 
Author(s): Skinner EI, Grady CL, Fernandes MA
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 48 Issue: 1 Pages: 156-164 Published: JAN 2010

Functional neuroimaging of self-referential encoding with age 
Author(s): Gutchess AH, Kensinger EA, Schacter DL
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 48 Issue: 1 Pages: 211-219 Published: JAN 2010

A role for right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex in reasoning about indeterminate relations 
Author(s): Goel V, Stollstorff M, Nakic M, et al.
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 47 Issue: 13 Pages: 2790-2797 Published: NOV 2009

Constructive episodic simulation of the future and the past: Distinct subsystems of a core brain network mediate imagining and remembering 
Author(s): Addis DR, Pan L, Vu MA, et al.
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 47 Issue: 11 Special Issue: Sp. Iss. SI Pages: 2222-2238 Published: SEP 2009

The novelty exploration bonus and its attentional modulation 
Author(s): Krebs RM, Schott BH, Schutze H, et al.
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 47 Issue: 11 Special Issue: Sp. Iss. SI Pages: 2272-2281 Published: SEP 2009

Dynamic switching between semantic and episodic memory systems 
Author(s): Kompus K, Olsson CJ, Larsson A, et al.
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 47 Issue: 11 Special Issue: Sp. Iss. SI Pages: 2252-2260 Published: SEP 2009

Attentional demands predict short-term memory load response in posterior parietal cortex 
Author(s): Magen H, Emmanouil TA, McMains SA, et al.
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 47 Issue: 8-9 Pages: 1790-1798 Published: JUL 2009

A left amygdala mediated network for rapid orienting to masked fearful faces 
Author(s): Carlson JM, Reinke KS, Habib R
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 47 Issue: 5 Pages: 1386-1389 Published: APR 2009

Predicting judged similarity of natural categories from their neural representations 
Author(s): Weber M, Thompson-Schill SL, Osherson D, et al.
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 47 Issue: 3 Pages: 859-868 Published: FEB 2009

Modulation of motor and premotor cortices by actions, action words and action sentences 
Author(s): Raposo A, Moss HE, Stamatakis EA, et al.
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 47 Issue: 2 Pages: 388-396 Published: JAN 2009
To retrieve or to calculate? Left angular gyrus mediates the retrieval of arithmetic facts during problem solving 
Author(s): Grabner RH, Ansari D, Koschutnig K, et al.
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 47 Issue: 2 Pages: 604-608 Published: JAN 2009

Modifying the brain activation of poor readers during sentence comprehension with extended remedial instruction: A longitudinal study of neuroplasticity 
Author(s): Meyler A, Keller TA, Cherkassky VL, et al.
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 46 Issue: 10 Pages: 2580-2592 Published: AUG 2008

An fMRI analysis of object priming and workload in the precuneus complex
Author(s): Korsnes MS, Wright AA, Gabrieli JDE
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 46 Issue: 5 Pages: 1454-1462 Published: 2008

Cortical bases of elementary deductive reasoning: Inference, memory, and metadeduction 
Author(s): Reverberi C, Shallice T, D'Agostini S, et al.
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 47 Issue: 4 Pages: 1107-1116 Published: MAR 2009

Going beyond LTM in the MTL: A synthesis of neuropsychological and neuroimaging findings on the role of the medial temporal lobe in memory and perception 
Author(s): Graham KS, Barense MD, Lee ACH
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 48 Issue: 4 Pages: 831-853 Published: MAR 2010

Aging white matter and cognition: Differential effects of regional variations in diffusion properties on memory, executive functions, and speed 
Author(s): Kennedy KM, Raz N
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 47 Issue: 3 Pages: 916-927 Published: FEB 2009

Medial prefrontal cortex plays a critical and selective role in 'feeling of knowing' meta-memory judgments 
Author(s): Modirrousta M, Fellows LK
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 46 Issue: 12 Pages: 2958-2965 Published: OCT 2008

Top-down and bottom-up attention to memory: A hypothesis (AtoM) on the role of the posterior parietal cortex in memory retrieval 
Author(s): Ciaramelli E, Grady CL, Moscovitch M
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 46 Issue: 7 Pages: 1828-1851 Published: 2008

Two visual systems re-viewed 
Author(s): Milner AD, Goodale MA
Source: NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA  Volume: 46 Issue: 3 Pages: 774-785 Published: 2008