2009 Nobel Prize laureates

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Cell Press congratulates Cell Editorial Board member Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Cancer Cell Editorial Board member Carol W. Greider, and Chemistry & Biology Editorial Board member Jack W. Szostak for being awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.


Cell Press congratulates Cell Editorial Board member Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, Structure Editorial Board member Thomas A. Steitz, and Cell Press author Ada E. Yonath for being awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.


These Nobel Prize Winners have previously published in FEBS Letters:

Elizabeth Blackburn 

Telomeres and telomerase: their mechanisms of action and the effects of altering their functions 
7 February 2005 (Vol. 579, Issue 4, Pages 859-862)

Jack W. Szostak 
Mutations in a semi-conserved region of the Tetrahymena intron 
11 March 1991 (Volume 280, Issue 1, Pages 171-174)
Pace U, Szostak JW.

Ada Yonath 
A crevice adjoining the ribosome tunnel: Hints for cotranslational folding 
13 June 2005 (Volume 579 ,Issue 15, pp. 3207-3213)
Amit, M., Berisio, R., Baram, D., Harms, J., Bashan, A., Yonath, A.

From peptide-bond formation to cotranslational folding: Dynamic, regulatory and evolutionary aspects 
7 February 2005 (Volume 579, Issue 4 SPEC. ISS., pp. 948-954)
Baram, D., Yonath, A.

Ribosomal crystallography: A flexible nucleotide anchoring tRNA translocation, facilitates peptide-bond formation, chirality discrimination and antibiotics synergism 
1 June 2004 (Volume 567, Issue 1, pp. 20-26)
Agmon, I., Amit, M., Auerbach, T., Bashan, A., Baram, D., Bartels, H., Berisio, R., Greenberg, I., Harms, J., Hansen, H.A.S., Kessler, M., Pyetan, E., Schluenzen, F., Sittner, A., Yonath, A., Zarivach, R.

Thomas Steitz 
On the structural basis of peptide-bond formation and antibiotic resistance from atomic structures of the large ribosomal subunit 
7 February 2005 (Vol. 579, Issue 4, Pages 955-958)
Thomas A. Steitz