Top 25 Hottest Agricultural and Biological Sciences Articles

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Biodiesel production: a review • Article
Bioresource Technology, Volume 70, Issue 1, October 1999, Pages 1-15 | Ma, F.; Hanna, M.A.

Biological effects of essential oils - A review • Review article
Food and Chemical Toxicology, Volume 46, Issue 2, February 2008, Pages 446-475 | Bakkali, F.; Averbeck, S.; Averbeck, D.; Idaomar, M.

Hydrolysis of lignocellulosic materials for ethanol production: a review • Article
Bioresource Technology, Volume 83, Issue 1, May 2002, Pages 1-11 | Sun, Y.; Cheng, J.

The role of facial hair in women's perceptions of men's attractiveness, health, masculinity and parenting abilities • Article
Evolution and Human Behavior, Volume 34, Issue 3, May 2013, Pages 236-241 | Dixson, Barnaby J.; Brooks, Robert C.

DPPH antioxidant assay revisited • Article
Food Chemistry, Volume 113, Issue 4, April 2009, Pages 1202-1205 | Sharma, O.P.; Bhat, T.K.

The pollution of the marine environment by plastic debris: a review • Review article
Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 44, Issue 9, September 2002, Pages 842-852 | Derraik, J.G.B.

Essential oils: their antibacterial properties and potential applications in foods-a review • Review article
International Journal of Food Microbiology, Volume 94, Issue 3, August 2004, Pages 223-253 | Burt, S.

Review of fast pyrolysis of biomass and product upgrading • Article
Biomass and Bioenergy, Volume 38, March 2012, Pages 68-94 | Bridgwater, A.V.

Generalized linear mixed models: a practical guide for ecology and evolution • Review article
Trends in Ecology & Evolution, Volume 24, Issue 3, March 2009, Pages 127-135 | Bolker, B.M.; Brooks, M.E.; Clark, C.J.; Geange, S.W.; Poulsen, J.R.; Stevens, M.H.H.; White, J.S.S.

Pretreatment technologies for an efficient bioethanol production process based on enzymatic hydrolysis: A review • Article
Bioresource Technology, Volume 101, Issue 13, July 2010, Pages 4851-4861 | Alvira, P.; Tomas-Pejo, E.; Ballesteros, M.; Negro, M.J.

Biological consequences of global warming: is the signal already apparent? • Review article
Trends in Ecology & Evolution, Volume 15, Issue 2, February 2000, Pages 56-61 | Hughes, L.L.

Cultivation, photobioreactor design and harvesting of microalgae for biodiesel production: A critical review • Article
Bioresource Technology, Volume 102, Issue 1, January 2011, Pages 71-81 | Chen, C.Y.; Yeh, K.L.; Aisyah, R.; Lee, D.J.; Chang, J.S.

Global food security, biodiversity conservation and the future of agricultural intensification • Review article
Biological Conservation, Volume 151, Issue 1, July 2012, Pages 53-59 | Tscharntke, T.; Clough, Y.; Wanger, T.C.; Jackson, L.; Motzke, I.; Perfecto, I.; Vandermeer, J.; Whitbread, A.

Reactive oxygen species and antioxidant machinery in abiotic stress tolerance in crop plants • Review article
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Volume 48, Issue 12, December 2010, Pages 909-930 | Gill, S.S.; Tuteja, N.

Identification and quantification of flavonoids of Mexican oregano (Lippia graveolens) by LC-DAD-ESI/MS analysis • Article
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, Volume 20, Issue 5, August 2007, Pages 361-369 | Lin, L.-Z.; Mukhopadhyay, S.; Robbins, R.J.; Harnly, J.M.

Biochar effects on soil biota - A review • Review article
Soil Biology and Biochemistry, Volume 43, Issue 9, September 2011, Pages 1812-1836 | Lehmann, J.; Rillig, M.C.; Thies, J.; Masiello, C.A.; Hockaday, W.C.; Crowley, D.

A typology for the classification, description and valuation of ecosystem functions, goods and services • Article
Ecological Economics, Volume 41, Issue 3, June 2002, Pages 393-408 | de Groot, Rudolf S; Wilson, Matthew A; Boumans, Roelof M.J

Update on the environmental and economic costs associated with alien-invasive species in the United States • Article
Ecological Economics, Volume 52, Issue 3, February 2005, Pages 273-288 | Pimentel, David; Zuniga, Rodolfo; Morrison, Doug

Does organic farming benefit biodiversity? • Article
Biological Conservation, Volume 122, Issue 1, March 2005, Pages 113-130 | Hole, D.G.; Perkins, A.J.; Wilson, J.D.; Alexander, I.H.; Grice, P.V.; Evans, A.D.

Energy production from biomass (part 1): overview of biomass • Article
Bioresource Technology, Volume 83, Issue 1, May 2002, Pages 37-46 | McKendry, P.

Assessment of the safety of foods derived from genetically modified (GM) crops • Article
Food and Chemical Toxicology, Volume 42, Issue 7, July 2004, Pages 1047-1088 | Konig, A.; Cockburn, A.; Crevel, R.W.R.; Debruyne, E.; Grafstroem, R.; Hammerling, U.; Kimber, I.; Knudsen, I.; Kuiper, H.A.; Peijnenburg, A.A.C.M.; Penninks, A.H.; Poulsen, M.; Schauzu, M.; Wal, J.M.

Inhibition of anaerobic digestion process: A review • Review article
Bioresource Technology, Volume 99, Issue 10, July 2008, Pages 4044-4064 | Chen, Y.; Cheng, J.J.; Creamer, K.S.

Dietary nutrients associated with short and long sleep duration. Data from a nationally representative sample • Article
Appetite, Volume 64, May 2013, Pages 71-80 | Grandner, Michael A.; Jackson, Nicholas; Gerstner, Jason R.; Knutson, Kristen L.

Oxidative stress, antioxidants and stress tolerance • Review article
Trends in Plant Science, Volume 7, Issue 9, September 2002, Pages 405-410 | Mittler, R.

Storage and shipping of tissue samples for DNA analyses: A case study on earthworms • Article
European Journal of Soil Biology, Volume 57, July 2013, Pages 13-18 | Straube, D.; Juen, A.