Guide for Authors


    New Manuscript Submission: All manuscripts must be submitted through the World Neurosurgery online submission website: Manuscripts should adhere to AMA style.

    Required Files: Please include the following files, without any of the following, the manuscript will be returned to authors and will not be considered for publication.

    • Cover Letter
    • Manuscript (title page through figure legends, including references)
    • Figures
    • Tables
    • Permissions for necessary files

    Cover Letter: When composing your cover letter, ensure that you have included:
    • a statement of non-duplication. Include the following statements:
    1. "The content of this manuscript, in part or in full, has not been published elsewhere (a) in any form, (b) except as described here: or, (c) except as disclosed in the manuscript on page(s)___.
    2. "I, (corresponding author's name), certify that this manuscript is a unique submission and is not being considered for publication with any other source in any medium."

    • a statement of authorship
    • financial disclosures
    • statements concerning any conflicts of interest
    • a statement of ethical adherence

    Manuscript Text: Manuscript text should be double-spaced with 1" margins. Each page should be numbered, with the first author's last name in the upper right hand corner.Title Page: The title page should be clear and concise. Please include:
    • Full title of the work
    • All authors' full names
    • Highest academic degrees for all authors
    • Departmental and institutional affiliations
    • Corresponding author's name and contact information

    Only the corresponding author should communicate with the Editorial Office regarding the manuscript.

    Abstract Page: The abstract page should contain a structured abstract, 3-10 alphabetized key words from INDEX MEDICUS, and a list of abbreviations along with their expanded forms. The structured abstract should:
    • Contain no more than 250 words
    • Break into four categories:

    1. Objective
    2. Methods
    3. Results
    4. Conclusion

    • Include both the proprietary and generic names of drugs in the Methods section

    References: The reference list should be double-spaced and listed in alphabetical order. Because the reference list is alphabetical, citations in the text will not occur in numerical order, though all references must still be cited. Study group names or organization names (e.g., World Health Organization) should be treated as the author name and be alphabetized appropriately when no individual author names are given. If a reference has neither authors nor a group/organization indicated, the reference should appear at the beginning of the reference list, ahead of A. If 2 or more references have no authors/group, again, they should appear before A, alphabetized by title.

    For references with non-English-language titles, translate the title into English and indicate the original language in brackets after the title.

    Personal communications and unpublished data should be enclosed in parentheses in the appropriate place in the text rather than being included in the reference list.

    In addition to noting credit for previously published images, the article from which such images are taken should be included in the reference list. The citation may be placed with the figure call out or in the figure legend.

    All references that appear in tables must be included in the reference list. In tables, provide the first author's name (both authors if only 2), year, and citation number. References presented in tables do not have to be listed alphabetically in the table.
    Example for citing references in a table:
    Rudnik, 2006 (35)
    Cappabianca et al., 2000 (3)
    Mattozo et al., 2006 (29)
    Abe and Ludecke, 1998 (1)

    Authors are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the reference citations and list. Please adhere to AMA style, noting the following exceptions:

    • Rather than superscripts, reference citations in the text should be enclosed by parentheses.
    • All authors must be listed for references; et al. will not be accepted.
    • A colon (not a period) is used after the final author's name.
    • Journal titles should follow standard abbreviation but use Roman font (no italics), without a period after the title.
    • Journal volume/page range/year information should be provided in the following order: volume:page range, year.
    Below are some examples of common types of references to illustrate the journal's exceptions to AMA style.

    No author (journal article)
    Establishing transparency to restore trust in clinical trials. Lancet Neurol 5:551, 2006.

    Journal supplement article
    Auer RN, Sutherland GR: Primary intracerebral hemorrhage: pathophysiology. Can J Neurol Sci32(Suppl 2):S3-S12, 2005.

    Chapter in a book
    Davson H: Chemical composition and secretory nature of the fluids. In: Davson H, ed. Physiology of the Cerebrospinal Fluid. London: Churchill; 1967:33-54.

    Non-English Language
    Lapuyade G, Loustau JM: Spontaneous regression of disk herniation: apropos of 7 cases [in French]. J Radiol 70:697-702, 1989.

    Journal article (note that all 7 authors are listed)
    Newell DW, Shah MM, Wilcox R, Hansmann DR, Melnychuk E, Muschelli J, Hanley DF: Minimally invasive evacuation of spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage using sonothrombolysis. J Neurosurg 115:592-601, 2011.

    No author (organization name), Web page
    World Health Organization. Global atlas of the health workforce: World Health Organization, 2010. Available at: Accessed April 4, 2011.

    Figures Requirements:
    • All figures must be professionally designed
    • Figures should be labeled consecutively as they appear in the manuscript
    • Each figure should be submitted as a separate file and labeled with the appropriate figure number.
    • Color will be printed at no cost
    • Images, symbols, text, etc. must be legible at 1 column width
    • Histology/photomicrographs must be submitted in color
    • Figure legends should explain image without referencing the text
    • Define all labels within the figure
    • Figure legends should appear on a page after the references
    • Credit for previously published images should be included in the figure legends as well as the reference list

    • Submitted in separate files (not embedded in text)
    • Include a title and explanatory notes with each table
    • Previously published series must be cited in the references
    • Must be typed and double-spaced (no Excel files)

    Supplemental Electronic Artwork:
    • Complete instructions for submission can be found at (click on Information for Authors).

    Permissions: Manuscript submitted without required permissions will not be considered for publication. Submit all permissions with manuscript text and associated files. Permissions are required for the following:
    • Any materials not owned by the authors
    • Previously published materials
    • Direct quotations
    • Photos revealing unmasked faces
    • "In press" articles

    Letters to the Editor: Letter should be submitted through online submission system. Submitted letters are subject to abbreviation, alteration, and are published at the Editor's discretion. Any alterations will attempt to maintain the author's meaning.

    Acceptance: Upon receipt of galley proofs, the following must be returned within 48 hours:
    • Corrected galley proofs
    • Reprint order
    Failure to respond within 48 hours will result in delayed publication.


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