World Journal of Acupuncture - Moxibustion

World Journal of Acupuncture - Moxibustion is an English academic journal sponsored by the World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies, Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, and China Association of Acupuncture and Moxibustion. It is published quarterly worldwide. The focus of the journal includes, but is not confined to, clinical researches, summary of clinical experiences, experimental researches, clinical reports, needling techniques, moxibustion techniques, acupuncture analgesia and acupuncture anesthesia, reviews, academic discussion, education and academic lectures, researches on historical documents, introduction to typical cases, meridian-collaterals and acupoints, proved acupoint or prescriptions of acupoints, news reports, newly-developed apparatuses, etc.

Editor-in-Chief: Huang Long-xiang

Journal metrics

  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISSN: 1003-5257