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The Pink Sheet DAILY is a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute news service for and about the pharmaceutical industry by the publishers of The Pink Sheet. Assembled around the clock by the largest, most experienced news staff devoted exclusively to FDA and pharmaceutical news, The Pink Sheet DAILY brings you the same high-quality editorial coverage you expect from The Pink Sheet without the wait.
The Pink Sheet DAILY provides the latest coverage of new drug approvals, generic drug launches, biotechnology, FDA regulatory actions, CMS reimbursement policies, business developments, legislation and and other events shaping the landscape of the pharmaceutical industry.
The Pink Sheet DAILY features the thorough, accurate and balanced reporting that has earned The Pink Sheet the reputation as the "Bible" of the pharmaceutical industry.
A subscription to The Pink Sheet DAILY includes:
• A morning e-mail with all the pharma news you need to start the day
• Access to The Pink Sheet DAILY website for comprehensive coverage of events in the pharmaceutical industry as they happen

Editor: M. Nielsen Hobbs

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Imprint: Elsevier Business Intelligence

ISSN: 1554-4036


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