Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria - RBP Psychiatry

Offcial publication of the Brazilian Psychiatry Association

The Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria (RBP) is a patrimony of the Brazilian Association of Psychiatry (ABP) and of Brazilian psychiatry. The publication is a major instrument within the concern of our institution to provide tools for the professional training and updating of its associates. Due to its high ranking, the journal disseminates with credibility the many and fine clinical and scientific studies developed in Brazil. Undoubtedly, the RBP can be accounted for a great share of the international respect attained by Brazilian psychiatry.
Those who closely see the competence and dedication employed in its production are not surprised with the level of satisfaction demonstrated by the readers in the survey published in this edition. This is the result of refined planning and execution and of the invariable participation of collaborators who stand out in their fields. The ABP acknowledges this success and reaffirms its commitment and support to the publication. I would like, at this moment, to thank the Editors and all the other professionals of RBP for their effort. Likewise, I would like to exalt the authors, who supply the journal with its main raw material and without whom it would not exist. I would also like to state that the current Board is committed with the improvement of all services provided by the ABP, and RBP is included in this agenda. Together with the Editors, we intend to promote improvements, especially with the purpose of making the journal more accessible, in all senses, to our associates, and of more rapidly translating the disseminated knowledge into practical benefits for psychiatrists and for the population. Finally, I restate that the RBP is an asset of our associates and an example of what the ABP is willing to do in the defense of psychiatry and of psychiatrists. It is also a strong argument to be used by our colleagues committed with the valorization of our profession to encourage more psychiatrists to join our effort and become members of the ABP or subscribe to our RBP. Do this, for it is crucial for us to reach our goals.

Imprint: Elsevier

ISSN: 1516-4446

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