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As of 2007, no longer published by Elsevier

As the leading publication in the field of library instruction since the early 1980s, Research Strategies is a well-recognized and established fixture in library literature, providing the library profession with the latest thinking and research on instructional services and the educational mission of the library. As it approaches its third decade of publication, Research Strategies remains committed to its original goal of providing library instructors with the theory and conceptual content that will help them shape and offer instruction, while expanding its focus to draw in perspectives from others in the higher education community, including writing faculty, instructional designers, and educational theorists.

Research Strategies is a refereed journal. The editor welcomes submissions on teaching methods, theories of learning, research behavior of library users, conceptual frameworks for teaching, the philosophy of instructional services, and other topics related to the field. New features will include a focus on concepts for the teaching of new technologies, a letters and reader input section, and a news column for events and conferences important to library instruction.

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ISSN: 0734-3310

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