Guide for Authors

  • The articles are accepted under different sections namelyOriginal Articles, Review Articles, Immunization Update,Notes from the Lab, Case Files, Reading the Shadows(Radiology Quiz), Short Communication, Case Reports, etc.The details of each section are mentioned below:

    Original Articles

    Original articles are scientific reports of the results of originalclinical research in the area of pediatric infectiousdisease. The article should include a structured abstract offewer than 250 words under the headings: background, aim,methods, results, conclusions, and up to 7 keywords forindexing. The length of the article excluding abstract andreferences should not exceed 2500 words. The author shouldrestrict the number of references to a maximum of 50.

    Review Articles

    Review articles should cover topics relevant to a pediatrician’sdaily practice, emphasizing new developments, andtreatments in infectious diseases. The article should includean abstract no longer than 150 words and up to 7 key wordsfor indexing. The length of the article excluding abstract andreferences should not exceed 2500 words. Special attentionshould be paid to issues of differential diagnosis, rationalinvestigations, outpatient management of the medical problem,decision guidelines for hospitalization and prevention.The author should restrict the number of references to amaximum of 50.

    Case Reports

    A case report should describe a new disease, or confirmationof a rare or new disease; a new insight into pathogenesis,etiology, diagnosis, or treatment; or a new finding associatedwith a currently known disease. The text should not exceed1000 words and should be arranged as introduction, casereport and discussion. The case report should include a briefabstract of about 100 words, up to 5 keywords and up to10 references. The case report should not include any tablesor graphics. However, authors are encouraged to submitrelevant pictures and photographs to enhance the academicvalue of the case being discussed.

    Immunization Update

    This should discuss original study, review article, futurevaccine, vaccine alert, adverse drug reactions, and recommendations.The text should not exceed 2000 words with25 references. The authors should provide up to 5 keywordsfor indexing.

    Antimicrobials in Clinical Practice

    This section should discuss an antimicrobial of clinicalimportance. The details should include spectrum, mechanismsof resistance, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics,side effects, contraindications, and clinical uses. The textshould not exceed 2500 words with 25 references. The authorsshould provide up to 5 keywords for indexing.


    Letters to the editor may be in response to published articlesor an expression of the general opinion of the reader. Lettersshould be about 300 words long, with no more than 5references.


    Title Page

    The title page should include names of all authors, theirinstitutional affiliations, academic titles and complete contactinformation including address, telephone number, a faxnumber, and an email id.

    Copyright Transfer and Declaration ofConflict of Interest

    All manuscripts must be accompanied by a written statementsigned by all the authors confirming the transfer ofcopyright issues to the publishers of the Pediatric InfectiousDisease Journal, and disclosure of any conflicts of interestand funding. The authors should also declare that the submittedmanuscripts have been published in any form in anyother publication, and will become the property of the publishersonce accepted for publication in Pediatric InfectiousDisease.
    If a table or figure has been published elsewhere, theauthors will have to take a permission letter (for both printand electronic publication) from the publisher, even if it isfrom the author's own work.


    Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the uniformrequirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedicaljournals (

    Tables and Figures

    Tables and figures should be submitted as a separate fileand should not be imbedded in the text of the article. Tablesshould be submitted separately and numbered consecutivelywith Arabic numerals in the order of their appearance in thetext. Tables should read vertically when possible and shouldhave headings for each column. Necessary explanatory notes,if any, may be given below the table.
    Illustrations should be clear and of appropriate size. Ifillustrations are scanned, then they should be scanned atminimum of 300 dpi. Line art drawing must have a minimumresolution of 1200 dpi. Photographs and radiographs shouldbe submitted as "jpeg" or "tiff" files with minimum resolutionof 300 dpi. In clinical photographs, identity of the subjectsshould be suitably masked; in case this is not possible,a written permission from the concerned person shouldaccompany the manuscript. Permission to reproduce anyborrowed illustration must be obtained from the author andthe publisher.
    The figure number (numbered consecutively in Arabicnumerals), title and explanations of the figures should appearin the legend (not on the figure). Enough informationshould be included to interpret the figure without referenceto the text.


    All measurements must be in metric units, preferably withcorresponding SI units in parentheses.


    The authors should follow American Medical Association(AMA System) referencing style 6. References should be indicatedby (consecutive) superscript Arabic numerals in the orderin which they appear in the text. The numerals should be usedoutside periods and commas, inside colons and semicolons.If a citation has 6 or fewer authors, all the authors should belisted, if a citation has 7 or more authors, first 3 authors shouldbe listed followed by 'et al'. For further detail and examples theauthors may refer to the AMA Manual of Style, A Guide forAuthors and Editors, Ninth Edition, ISBN 0-683-40206-4,copies of which may be ordered from Lippincott Williams &Wilkins (
    The editor(s) and publishers also do not guarantee,warrant or endorse any product or service advertised in thejournal, nor do they guarantee any claim made by the manufacturerof such product of service.


    The Journal only accepts online submissions in electronicformat. All new manuscripts must be submitted throughPediatric Infectious Disease Journal online and reviewwebsite ( Authors are requestedto submit the text, tables, and figures in electronic form tothis address.
    Please follow the following steps to submit yourmanuscript:

    1. Open the homepage of the Journal's website
    2. Register yourself for free by clicking on register on thetop and create a user profile with a desired username andmandatory details. On submission of the information,you will receive an email confirming your registrationalong with the 'Password'.
    3. Click "Log In" on the main navigation menu at the top ofthe journal screen to open the login page.
    4. Enter your username and password in the appropriatefields (emailed to you at the time of registration).
    5. Click "Author Log in", this takes you to the "AuthorMain Menu".

    For the upcoming issue you can also submit your manuscriptsto Dr. Vijay Yewale at


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