Guide for Authors

  • The Journal of the Association of Arab Universities for Basic and Applied Research (JAAUBAS) publishes original research in the field of basic and applied sciences.

    1- Manuscripts submitted for publication should meet the following criteria:
    - Must be written in good English or Arabic.

    - Must be original and within the scope of the Journal.

    - Must be in line with the journal instructions and have the correct style before being considered for review.

    - Must be approved by two or more reputed referees specialized in the respective field.

    2- Submission Procedure/ Electronic submission Submit your manuscript through the journal’s EES web-site:
    - Covering letter highlighting the main achievement of the work

    - A list of suggested reviewers specialized in the field of the study (At least 3reviewers)

    - The manuscript along with the figures and tables etc. should be submitted as one file (WORD or PDF ).

    3- Preparation of the Manuscripts
    In preparing of the preparation of the manuscript, authors are required to adhere to the following:

    - Manuscript should be double-spaced with at least 2.5 cm margins on both sides.

    - Manuscript should be arranged in the following order: Title, Authors name's, Author's Affiliations, Abstract, Keywords (at least 3), Introduction, Materials, Methods, Results and Discussion, Acknowledgment, Appendices, Figure's and Table's captions and References.

    - All pages should be numbered consecutively.

    - Title should be concise reflecting the manuscript's content.

    - Author's Affiliations labeled as: First Authora,*, Second Authorb, etc .
    with: a first author affiliation, b second author affiliation on separate lines just after the Authors names.
    - Abstract should not exceed 300 words followed by the keywords (Maximum 6 keywords)

    - Arabic abstract (250 words maximum)

    - Manuscripts should not exceed 15 pages, including appendices.

    - All units of measurement and laboratory values must be expressed in SI units.

    - Figures, Tables and Diagrams must be original, clear, and not exceeding 12⊛18 cm of good quality and must be accompanied by their legends appearing on separate pages.

    - Photographs must be of high quality and as black and white prints.

    -Colored photos are not generally recommended, and accepted only on a limited basis, and authors wishing to include colored photos may be asked to pay the cost.

    -For submitted manuscripts, a separate page containing the title of the paper, author's names, affiliations, abstract, key words and the address for the corresponding author must be provided.

    -For English text, a 12pts New Times Roman font should be used.

    -For Arabic text, a 14pts Simplified Arabic font should be used.

    -Abbreviation: Internationally agreed rules for nomenclature and abbreviations should be followed. Abbreviations should not be used within the title and the abstract except for SI units. Non-standardized abbreviations should be defined when first used in the text.

    -Equations must be explained. Equations must be numbered in consecutive order using Arabic numerals between parentheses flushed to the right of the equation. They should be cited by their corresponding numbers within the text.

    -Scientific Names: Give Latin names in full, together with the naming authority when first mentioned in the main text. Subsequently, the genus name may be abbreviated, except at the beginning of a sentence.

    -Acknowledgements should directly follow the text. They should be made in the following order: individuals, official authorities, institutions, and organizations.

    -References: All references must be cited in the text. List of references should all be alphabetically and chronologically arranged using the following style:
    An article in a Journal, e.g.: Alnaser, W.E., Al-Buflasa, H ., Isa, A. M., 1999. Investigation on Relation Between the Insulation and Cosmic Radiation and The Effect on Global Warming. Journal of Arab Association for Basic and Applied Research 5, 25-36.

    A complete Book, e.g. Hager, W.H., 1992. . Energy Dissipators and Hydraulic Jump. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

    Article in an edited book, e.g Hamza, K.A., 1988. Vision Systems. In Jones, P.J., Smith, R. and Watson, E.P. (eds), Artificial Intelligence Reconsidered (2nd edition), New York: Wiley, 12-34.

    Conferences, Symposia, and Workshops, e.g.: Saeed, T. N., 1995. The prevalence of measles among pregnant women in Bahrain. Proceeding of the 2nd Arabian Gulf Conference on Communicable Diseases, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, 1-3.

    Thesis and Dissertation, e.g.: Al-Wazzan, M.N., 1998. Microbiological and Chemical Properties of Indigenous Date Syrup in Bahrain. Ph.D. thesis, King Faisal University, Al-Ahsaa, KSA.

    Citations within the text, e.g.: In an earlier paper (Smith et al., 1986) argues that …., Or on the other hand, Smith et al. (1988) have reported that .... ,More than one reference e.g. (Smith et al., 1986; John et al., 1990). Citations within the text as: (Author et al, year).

    Reference management software
    This journal has standard templates available in key reference management packages EndNote and Reference Manager Using plug-ins to wordprocessing packages, authors only need to select the appropriate journal template when preparing their article and the list of references and citations to these will be formatted according to the journal style which is described below.

    4- Reprints:-
    -Soft electronic copy (PDF file) of the published paper will be sent to the corresponding author via e-mail.
    More information about article offprint is available here:
    -Hardcopies of any JAAUBAS issue may be requested for a cost.

    5- Ethics statements:
    -The author(s) are entirely responsible for the accuracy of all statements and data contained in the manuscript, as well as the accuracy of all references, and for obtaining and submitting written permissions from the author and/or publisher of any previously published manuscript used in the submitted manuscript.

    -Copyrights of the published paper will be transferred to the JAAUBAS upon notification of acceptance.More information about article offprint is available here:


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