Journal of Orthopaedic Translation

ISSN: 2214-031X
Editors-in-chief: Chen, Chih-hwa; Qin, Ling

The Journal of Orthopaedic Translation (JOT) aims to focus on the rapidly growing field of orthopaedic translational research. While there are a number of high quality orthopaedic journals, none are solely dedicated to the field of orthopaedic translational research. The importance of translational research is quickly being recognized by all spectrums of the scientific community, from clinicians to basic science researchers. To truly improve the health of people, scientific research on the cellular and molecular level must be utilized and applied appropriately in the clinical setting. A journal that is purely dedicated to the art of translational research will be a monumental step in the advancement of musculoskeletal care by bringing cutting edge knowledge to the forefront and allowing pioneers of orthopaedic translation to exchange and mutually enhance expertise. The JOT aims to be that linking factor and is looking forward to receiving high quality manuscripts that will advance the field of orthopaedic translation.

The JOT is devoted to research and issues of strong interest in translational medicine regarding musculoskeletal and related themes. Material that will be considered include any original research findings, discussions or analyses that will move the field closer to the goal of improving musculoskeletal health, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders or injuries. Multidisciplinary approaches are particularly encouraged. We accept original articles as well as review articles, editorials, perspectives, and letters to the Editor.

The main goal of the JOT is to publish papers that identify and fill scientific knowledge gaps at the junction of basic research and clinical application (from bench to bedside) or community application (from bench to community). In this vein, original research should report significant progress toward the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and serve as templates for future exploration and investments in translational orthopaedics.

Original papers are categorized into the following topics:

  • Animal models
  • Biomaterials
  • Biophysical stimulation
  • Clinical trials
  • Diagnostics
  • Health promotion
  • Industries and markets
  • Medical devices and implants
  • Nutrition and drugs
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Regulations and policies
  • Rehabilitation

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Editors-in-Chief Chih-Hwa Chen , Ling Qin

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  • ISSN: 2214-031X