Guide for Authors

Guide for Authors
The Journal of Iron and Steel Research, International, which started publishing in 1994, was the first professional English-language academic journal in the metallurgical field in China. It is published 6 times per year in issues of 80 pages (A4 paper size) and comprises scientific and technological papers written in English. In order to guarantee the quality of the journal, we have engaged some well-known professors from Tsinghua University, the Beijing University of Science and Technology, Northeastern University and the Central Iron and Steel Research Institute as members of the Editorial Staff. We have also invited famous scholars from Australia, Germany, Japan, Sweden, and USA to act as consultants. The journal is covered by more than 30 indexing journals or databases at home and abroad, including CA SEARCH, INSPEC, METADEX, Elsevier Bibliographic Databases, and Ulrich's Periodicals Directory. We are particularly proud that the Science Citation Index (SCI), considered by many in the publishing industry as the supreme indexing service of scientific and technological journals, has covered almost all of the papers published in our English editions from 1996. Among the 4000 journals on science and technology in China, only a few tens of journals have been included in SCI, and amongst these there are only a few engineering technical journals. This is an independent confirmation of the quality of this journal.

Papers can be submitted by E-mail. They should be formatted as follows.

Please construct papers in the following order: (1) title of the paper; (2) name(s) of the author(s); (3) affiliations of the authors, city and post code, province that the city belongs to, country; (4) abstract; (5) keywords (all lowercase); (6) text; (7) references; (8) brief introduction of the first author (including name, birth year, sex, education level, and title of technical post), and e-mail address.

Letters and figures in superscripts and subscripts should be clear and correct. Illustrations and tables should be numbered in the order that they appear in the paper. Scales of metallographs must be indicated clearly, and if such figures have a certain orientation, they should be annotated on the reverse to indicate this.

Please make sure that each reference follows one of these formats:1. Journal: [serial number] Main responsible authors. Title of the paper [J]. Name of the journal, year, volume (issue): page numbers for the beginning and the end of the article
2. Monograph, proceeding, degree thesis, report: [serial number] Main responsible authors. Title of the chapter/article/paper/thesis/report [literature type marker]. Edition. Other responsible authors. Publishing place: publisher, publishing year.
3. Quoted literature from proceeding: [serial number] Main responsible authors of the quoted literature. Title of the quoted literature [A]. Main responsible authors of the original literature [C]. Publishing place: publisher, publishing year. Page numbers of the beginning and the end of quoted literature.
4. Patent: [serial number] Patent applicant. Title of patent [P]. Nation of patent: patent number, publishing date.
5. Standard: [serial number] Number of standard, title of standard [S].

Note: [J], [C], [P], [S] in the above formats are the "literature type markers". They refer to journals, proceedings, patents and standards. There are other markers: [M] refers to monograph, [N] refers to newspaper, [D] refers to degree thesis, and [R] refers to report.

If you have any queries, please contact: Li Fu, Editorial Staff of Journal of Iron and Steel Research, International, No. 76 Xueyuan Nanlu, Beijing 100081, China;Tel (fax): 0086-010-62182341; E-mail: