Journal of Ginseng Research

The Journal of Ginseng Research (JGR) is a quarterly, peer-reviewed publication featuring high-quality studies related to basic and clinical aspects of ginseng to reflect recent progresses in ginseng research. Manuscripts are classified mainly into review articles, original research articles, and brief reports. The Journal of Ginseng Research has published original works, either experimental or theoretical, that advance our understanding of ginseng science, including cultivation, biology, chemistry, pharmacology, veterinary science, biochemistry, manufacture, and clinical study of ginseng since 1976. It also includes new paradigm of integrative research, covering alternative medicinal approaches. JGR is the only international journal for scholarly reports of ginseng science in the world. Main subjects of the journal are focused on basic and pre-clinical research on ginseng.

JGR helps understand biology and chemistry of ginseng and mechanisms of traditional efficacy of ginseng, and to put their clinical evidences together. It provides researchers, manufacturers, practitioners, teachers, scholars, and medical doctors balanced information on basic science and clinical applications.

Editor-in-Chief Jae Youl Cho

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  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISSN: 1226-8453