Chuanzhu Lu

  • Editor-in-Chief

    Hainan Medical College, Xueyuan Rd 3 #, Longhua district, Haikou, Hainan-571199, China

  • Chuanzhu Lu is currently working as an archiater of emergency surgery, Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor for PhD and graduate students and receives the state council special allowance. He is also the vice chairman of Chinese Medical Association Emergency Medicine Branch, Hospital Management Association of China. In 2004, Professor Lu was awarded as National Advanced Worker in Sanitation System by Ministry of Personnel, Ministry of Health and State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Prof. Chuanzhu Lu used to be the vice president of Haikou People's Hospital, secretary and director of Party Group in Haikou Health Bureau, Director of Haikou 120 Emergency Center, secretary and vice president of the party committee in Hainan General Hospital, member of Party Group in Provincial Bureau Of Health, deputy secretary and secretary of discipline inspection commission in Hainan Medical University. He is nowadays working as the president of Hainan Medical University.

    Chuanzhu Lu used to be appointed as the editorial member of Chinese Journal of Emergency Medicine, Chinese Journal of Critical Care Medicine, Journal of Clinical Emergency Call and Journal of Pre-hospital Care. He is also the chief editor of Report of Emergency Medical Rescue.

    He was the manager of two programs funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, three programs supported by Provincial Natural Science Foundation and one program in Hainan Provincial Bureau of Health. He is recently taking part in the deafness genetic research of Jiang Zhenghua Foundation. He won 5 Provincial and municipal awards for Science and Technology Progress. He has more than 60 publications in which 7 were indexed by SCI. He established the first emergency center in Hainan which acquired the certification of ISO. He set up the first Trauma Center in Hainan and develops the theory of trauma classification system with his research team, which helps in supporting the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island and creating innovative pre-hospital care, emergency treatment, trauma and education of disaster medicine systems.