International Journal of Thermal Sciences

Founded as Revue Générale de Thermique in 1962

The International Journal of Thermal Sciences is a journal devoted to the publication of fundamental studies on the physics of transfer processes in general, with an emphasis on thermal aspects and also applied research on various processes, energy systems and the environment. Articles are published in English and French, and are subject to peer review.

The fundamental subjects considered within the scope of the journal are:
• Heat and relevant mass transfer at all scales (nano, micro and macro) and in all types of material (heterogeneous, composites, biological,...) and fluid flow
• Forced, natural or mixed convection in reactive or non-reactive media
• Single or multi–phase fluid flow with or without phase change
• Near–and far–field radiative heat transfer
• Combined modes of heat transfer in complex systems (for example, plasmas, biological, geological,...)
• Multiscale modelling

The applied research topics include:
Heat exchangers, heat pipes, cooling processes
Transport phenomena taking place in industrial processes (chemical, food and agricultural, metallurgical, space and aeronautical, automobile industries)
• Nano–and micro–technology for energy, space, biosystems and devices
Heat transport analysis in advanced systems
• Impact of energy–related processes on environment, and emerging energy systems

The study of thermophysical properties of materials and fluids, thermal measurement techniques, inverse methods, and the developments of experimental methods are within the scope of the International Journal of Thermal Sciences which also covers the modelling, and numerical methods applied to thermal transfer.

Editors - in - Chief Y. Bayazitoglu , D. Gobin , U. Gross

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  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISSN: 1290-0729