Guide for Authors

  • Authors are required to read the following instructions carefully before preparing a manuscript for submission.

    Aims and Scope: The International Journal of Mining Science and Technology publishes original research papers covering all aspects of mining, including mining engineering, safety technology and engineering, mineral processing, coal geology and geotechnical engineering, etc.

    Submission of manuscripts: Submission for all types of manuscripts to the International Journal of Mining Science and Technology must be original and unpublished. Please submit your paper at

    Text order: Follow this order in typing manuscript: title, author(s) (last name first) and their affiliations, abstract, keywords, main text, acknowledgements, and references.

    Title page: The title of the paper should be informative with no more than 100 characters. All letters but the first letter of the first word in the title should be lower case ones. Information including name(s) of authors(s), his/her/their affiliation, city, postcode, and country should be provided below the title.

    Abstract: An abstract of 100-150 words, including purpose, methods/materials/process, contents, results and conclusions, is required. 3-6 key words should be provided.

    Title page footnotes: 1) dates of the manuscript received and accepted; 2) telephone number and E-mail address of the first author or the corresponding author.

    Equations and formulae: Equations and formulae should be clearly typed with the subscripts and superscripts clearly shown and numbered consecutively.

    Figures and tables: Photographs, charts and diagrams are all to be referred to as "Figure(s)". Figures should be understandable and clear. Both figures and tables should be numbered consecutively, have descriptive captions, and be mentioned in the text. In addition, they should be inserted in proper position in the main text. The three-line tables are preferred.

    Acknowledgements: Place acknowledgements, including information on grants received, before the references, in a separate section, and not as a footnote on the title page.

    References: Only journal articles, monograph, dissertation, proceedings, standards, patent, and/or electronic publication can be cited and consecutively numbered by Arabic numerals in text, which should be listed in the same order as cited in text. Usually, at least 20 references are required.
    For journals: name of author(s) (last name first), title of paper, name of journal, year, volume(No.): pages.
    For books: name of author(s), title of book, city: publishing house, year.
    For proceedings: name of author(s), title of paper, In: title of proceedings, city: publishing house, year.
    For dissertations: name of author(s), title of dissertation, city: university, year.
    For patents: name of author(s), title of patent, country: patent No., date.
    References published in non-English language (for example Chinese) should be translated into English and noted by "(In Chinese)", etc.


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