International Journal of Marine Energy

International Journal of Marine Energy will aim to publish original/ high quality papers covering fundamental and applied research and case studies relevant to renewable energy emanating from the marine/ ocean environment with particular focus on wave and tidal energy. The Journal focuses on wave and tidal topics including fundamental understanding, fluid mechanics, design, modelling and optimisation of devices and arrays/ farms, environmental assessment, design codes, regulations, policy, economics, monitoring, planning evaluation, legislation and legal aspects related to sustainable exploitation of the ocean wave and tidal resources. Papers on tidal lagoons as well as cross cutting topics such as structures, platforms and electrical connections of relevance to wave and tidal energy are also welcomed.

In addition to the regular original high quality articles, the journal will also feature elements of the following:

  • Special issues devoted to international conferences and meetings.
  • Review articles on important developments in a specific field.
  • Review of books and major reports.
  • Technical notes.

Editor-in-Chief: A.S. Bahaj

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  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISSN: 2214-1669