Morphology, Distribution, Functional Ecology of Plants

FLORA is the scientific botanical journal with the longest uninterrupted publication sequence (since 1818). Manuscripts will be considered for publication dealing with plant structure (morphology and anatomy), plant distribution (incl. phylogeography) and plant functional ecology (ecophysiology, population ecology and population genetics, organismic interactions, community ecology, ecosystem ecology).

Manuscripts will be considered if they appeal a broad scientific readership.Manuscripts focused on floristics and vegetation science will only be considered if they exceed the pure descriptive approach and have relevance for interpreting plant morphology, distribution or ecology. Manuscripts whose content is restricted to purely systematic and nomenclature matters, to geobotanical aspects of only local interest, to pure applications in agri-, horti- or silviculture and pharmacology, and experimental studies dealing exclusively with investigations at the cellular and subcellular level will not be accepted. Manuscripts dealing with comparative and evolutionary aspects of morphology, anatomy and development are welcome.

Editor-in-Chief Hermann Heilmeier

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