Guide for Authors

  • Clinical Queries - Nephrology is a quarterly online journal published by Elsevier India. The manuscript should be a brief guide to the reader to help her understand disease management in the field of Nephrology.

    Scope of the journal

    Clinical Queries - Nephrology publishes outstanding basic and clinical papers on all aspects of Nepphrology, including both human and animal studies. Articles focused on diagnosis, treatment, management and other related aspects of Nephrology will be considered. Clinical Queries - Nephrology publishes original articles, comprehensive reviews, commentaries, short communication, case reports, letter to the editor, CMEs and images on important clinical conditions with an objective to translate clinical and translational research into practical knowledge for treating doctors. The journal welcomes contributions from across the globe.R.K. Sharma, MD, DNB, FAMS, FASN, FISN

    Manuscript submission:

    For any queries, contact us at

    Editorial Policy

    Manuscripts submitted should not have been published earlier or be under simultaneous consideration for publication by any other Journal. Violation may lead to a retraction of the published article by the journal. All articles (including invited ones) will be peer-reviewed, and accepted articles edited to the journal's style.

    Copyright Statement

    Any article accepted for publication/published in the Clinical Queries - Nephrology will be the copyright of the journal. The journal has the right to publish the accepted articles in any media (print, electronic or any other) any number of times. The authors should agree to transfer copyright and sign a declaration to this effect. Accepted manuscripts become the permanent property of the journal and may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the written permission of the editor.

    Submission of manuscripts

    Clinical Queries - Nephrology accepts online submissions in electronic format. All manuscripts must be submitted through Clinical Queries - Nephrology online and review website ( Authors are requested to submit the text, tables, and figures in electronic form to this address.

    Please follow the following steps to submit your manuscript:

    1. Open the homepage of the Journal's website
    2. Register yourself for free by clicking on register on the top and create a user profile with a desired username and mandatory details. On submission of the information, you will receive an email confirming your registration along with the 'Password'.
    3. Click "Log In" on the main navigation menu at the top of the journal screen to open the login page.
    4. Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields (e-mailed to you at the time of registration)
    5. Click "Author Log in", this takes you to the "Author Main Menu".

    Note : Please note that the username and password combination required for Elsevier Editorial System is different from your username and password combination used to "Track your paper" on the Elsevier "Authors' Home" website.

    Submission of manuscripts by email

    Authors may also submit their manuscripts including the text, tables, and figures etc in electronic form to

    The manuscript must be submitted with a statement, signed by all the authors regarding the following:

    1. The work is original and free from plagiarism.
    2. It has not been submitted for publication/is not under consideration for publication at another Journal.
    3. All authors are aware of the order of authorship. The submitting author shall be solely responsible in case disputes arise.
    4. Once published, copyright of manuscript shall stand transferred to the Journal.
    5. 'Conflict of interest' if any, must be explicitly stated at the end of the manuscript.

    Types of Manuscripts

    Original Research Articles are full-length papers that address research questions with appropriate study design and methodology. The entire manuscript, excluding the abstract, tables, figures and references, should not exceed 4000 words and should not contain more than 50 references.

    Brief Communications should not contain more than 2000 words (including abstract, figures, tables and references) describing important new observations in Nephrology.

    Review of basic and clinical topics of interest to the readership will be solicited by the editors. The length of review articles should not exceed fifteen typed pages.

    Case reports should be limited to 1200 words and should not contain over 2 illustrations and 10 references. Case reports submitted as 'Case Report and Review of Literature', must also conform to these rules.

    Letters to the Editor publishes information about ongoing projects, opinions on management and policy issues, response to publications in the journal, brief preliminary research communications etc. This section promotes information sharing among communities of practice. The replies to such letters, where applicable, will also be published as and when received from the authors. The letter and the reply should not exceed 500 words and should not contain more than 3 references.

    Images - Figure(s) that summarizes current knowledge about a particular subject within the nepherology field and interesting diagnosis are published.

    Preparation of Manuscripts

    The authors should review the recent trends or advances in the Nephrology in the light of their own work and should put forth clear messages for the readers that they can apply in their own clinical practice. The authors should submit an article spanning 8-10 pages of word document in standard Times New Roman, Font size 11 with Single line spacing. The major portion of the articles should deal with the up-to-date developments in the Nephrology in the last 3-5 years. The authors are encouraged to use flowcharts, boxes, tables and figures for better presentation. All these figures, flowcharts and tables must be referred to in the manuscript.

    These articles should contain a cover letter, title page, abstract, key words and references in addition to the manuscript.

    1. Cover Letter
    It should include general details (name, address, contact details and mobile number) of the corresponding author and a declaration from the authors that the manuscript is original and unpublished and that they are willing to pass on the copyright of the manuscript to the journal.

    2. Title page
    It should be paginated as page 1 of the paper. It should include the title, authors' names and affiliations, running title, address for correspondence including e-mail address and also the total number of pages, figures and tables.

    3. Abstract
    Abstract should be up to 250 words in length and should be concise, clear and informative rather than indicative.

    4. Keywords
    Please provide 3-5 keywords which will help readers or indexing agencies in cross-indexing the study.

    5. References
    Number the references in the order in which they first appear in the text and identify the reference numbers in the text in superscript. References may be placed at the end of the manuscript. Publications as abstract and letters should be so identified in parentheses. The references must be verified by the author(s) against the original documents. The list of references should be typed double spaced in the Vancouver style.

    Plagiarism Check

    Authors should note that:

    1. Copying verbatim text, tables or illustrations from any source (journal article, book, monographs, thesis, Internet/any electronic media or any other published or unpublished material) and passing it as one's own is considered plagiarism whether or not a reference to the copied portion is given.

    2. Listing the source of copied material under 'References' does not absolve the authors of plagiarism.

    3. If a few lines of text are to be reproduced from any source, 'the author' and 'the source' must be clearly indicated in the text. The reproduced lines must be in italics and given within quotes. If it is a paragraph it must be slightly indented also. To reproduce large portions of text, permission from the copyright owner(s) must be obtained and submitted to the IJP.

    To reproduce tables or illustrations, permission from the copyright owner(s) must be obtained and a copy of the permission letter must be submitted to the journal. The source must be clearly acknowledged below the table or illustration as required by the copyright owner(s).


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