Special Issues

Vectors and Vector-Borne Infections A collection of papers presented at the Joint EVPC - ISEP Meeting held in April 2013 in Munich/Germany and some papers presented at the 2011 and 2012 and 2014 EVPC – Annual Meetings held in Zagreb/Croatia, León/Spain and Dublin, Ireland respectively
Veterinary Parasitology, Volume 208, Issues 1–2, Pages 1-112 (28 February 2015)

Special Issue: “THE WHOLE IS NOT ONLY MORE THAN BUT VERY DIFFERENT THAN THE SUM OF ITS PARTS”. A Symposium Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Yrjö T. Gröhn
Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Volume 118, Issues 2–3, Pages 187-246 (1 February 2015)

Bovine tuberculosis Edited by Guest Editors Lucia de Juan and Marin Vordermeier
Research in Veterinary Science, Volume 97, Supplement, Pages S1-S100 (October 2014)

Fourth Mammalian Embryo Genomics Meeting, October 2013, Quebec City
Animal Reproduction Science, Volume 149, Issues 1–2, Pages 1-102 (September 2014)

Genomics Applied to Livestock Production
Livestock Science, Volume 166, Pages 1-248 (August 2014)

Special Issue: Feline Infectious Diseases
The Veterinary Journal, Volume 201, Issue 2, Pages 121-238 (August 2014)

Dual Purpose with Dual Benefit Research Models in Veterinary and Biomedical Research
Veterinary Immunology & Immunopathology, Volume 159, Issues 3–4 (June 15th, 2014)

Keynote lectures of the 8th International Sheep Veterinary Congress
Small Ruminant Research, Volume 118, Issues 1-3 (May, 2014)

BROADLINE®, a new topical endectocide formulation for cats
Veterinary Parasitology, Volume 202, Issues 1–2, (28 April 2014)