Conference Awards 2013

Elsevier shortlisted as finalists in the Conference Awards 2013

Announced on April 11th Elsevier has been shortlisted as finalists in the Conference Awards 2013 in the following categories:

The winners of each category will be announced at the Conference Awards ceremony in London on June 7th.

Elsevier serves the scientific community by organising high quality conferences Our conferences offer world class content, great delegate experience and exceptional networking opportunities.

  • Elsevier conferences offers the best networking opportunities by getting the right people together at conferences, as well as facilitating the networking and interacting with delegates
  • Conference attendees have a fantastic experience at Elsevier conferences
  • Elsevier conferences provide a forum to both access and deliver quality content
  • We align our conferences with our journals and their communities

Best New Conference Launch category for Planet under Pressure

Just as London was gearing up for the Olympic Games last summer, the city also welcomed the world’s most influential global-change scientists at Planet Under Pressure 2012

Planet Under Pressure (PLAN2012), organized by Elsevier, explored the pressures our planet is under. And just as science does not operate in a silo, this conference was not limited to the scientific community. The 3,060+ delegates included CEOs and industry professionals, government policymakers, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and environmental agencies, conservationists

and delegates from development agencies and the developing world.
In the largest conference Elsevier has ever organized, a record-breaking 3,832 abstracts were submitted. 3,060 professionals attended the 5-day event in London with an additional 8,000 delegates participated online.

There were five days of presentations by prominent researchers in the field, with up 14 sessions running simultaneously. This complex set-up required a lot of support – the entire conference department was on site, working 16hour long days.

The conference reached an audience well beyond the science community. During the talks, more than 500 questions came in via Twitter and text messages. By tracking Twitter feeds and other online activity, our PR Team estimates that we reached more than a million people through social media.

The conference was covered by media outlets worldwide, including The New York Times, BBC, The Financial Times, The Guardian, Reuters, Agence France Presse and leading bloggers such as and Conservation International. There were hundreds of articles in many languages, including this article in an Indonesian newspaper.

The delegates’ feedback indicates that the conference was successful in facilitating the discussion of environmental issues. As one delegate wrote on a post-event survey: “It was such a high profile conference, almost a ‘once in a lifetime’ feeling in preparing for the conference. Everybody was there.”

Best Publication led Conference category for The 2nd Water Research Conference

The world’s water situation is becoming more challenging each year. In the last century, water use has grown at twice the rate of population increase. Human global population growth leads to concomitant growth in water demand by agriculture, human consumption and industry. By 2025 two thirds of the population could be facing water stress.

The knowledge needed to meet this challenge is already being created by researchers from a growing number of countries, often working together in international collaborations. This research is published in many scholarly journals. Elsevier delivers 26% of the scientific literature in the field of water resources. Water Research, a journal of the International Water Association (IWA) published by Elsevier, is devoted to interdisciplinary research related to water and tops the Thomson Reuters Water Resources category, with impact factor of 4.865. In 2012, the Water Research journal published 636 original papers relating to research on treatment processes for municipal, agricultural and industrial water and wastewaters, water quality standards and analysis by chemical, physical and biological methods.

As a global provider of information solutions, Elsevier’s mission is to deliver superior tools and information to build insights and advance research. Water and wastewater research topics, aiming to boosting efficiency, augment supply, and create new technologies for water reuses, need to be shared and evaluated in a discussion forum which allows all the different players in the field of water research, ranging from microbiologists, engineers, city planners, policy makers. The Water Research Conference aims to become such a forum.

Following the success of the first in the conference series, which was held in 2010 in Lisbon, the 2nd Water Research conference took place in January 2013, in Singapore. The conference focussed on two major topics, addressing the wider issue of water: 

  • Urban water management to increase sustainability of cities
  • Microbial ecology of water and wastewater treatment

Held in association with the International Water Association (IWA), and chaired by Water Research journal Editor-in-Chief Prof. Mark van Loosdrecht, who was awarded the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize earlier in 2012.

Best Managed Event category for 19th Biennial meeting of the International Society of Developmental Neuroscience

The 19th Biennial meeting of the International Society of Developmental Neuroscience (ISDN) took place in Mumbai in January 2012. Elsevier has managed ISDN’s biennial meeting since 2004. The meeting is the key event in the society’s calendar and is essential for their mandate to develop and promote research for basic and clinical scientists interested in the development of the nervous system in the broadest sense. 

Over 250 delegates attended, with 25% being international students and a further 29% being Indian students. Feedback from the attendees was fabulous. We had a 55% response rate to our post event questionnaire and delegates awarded the event an exceptional 44.7 net promoter score. 

“Interacting with the best possible scientists in a forum of only 200-300people is ideal to start off a research career in developmental neuroscience”

“It has been tremendously fruitful with regard to quality of talks, collegial interactions and boost of confidence”

“Very well organized, high profile speakers and very lively interest specific small group meeting of particular interest”

“The Elsevier staff at the meeting were excellent and very helpful whenever I had a query”

Best Operations Team

Elsevier’s Conference Operations Team are the best at what they do 

  • Dedicated
  • Experienced
  • Professional
  • Always smiling!

The team, from the Conference Administrator through to the Head of Operations is made up of 11 members, who between them have over 93 years of experience of working in events (and 64 years of working with Elsevier)!

Delighting delegates is key to the Elsevier Conferences team, and at the heart of the everything they do. The team takes great pride in delivering events for the market leader in scientific conferences and this is reflected in the feedback we receive from our delegates. 

The post event survey results for our 2012 conferences (4334 respondents) shows exceptional levels of service:

All queries were dealt with in a courteous and helpful manner 91.9%
Queries were responded to within 48 hours  84.8%
Elsevier staff onsite at the conference were polite, helpful and friendly 94.4%
The registration process was efficient and user friendly 90.1%
I received all the information I required in advance of the conference 87.2%
The conference was well organized 84.6%