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Note:  This page is for institutions that purchased Referex prior to 2014.  The product is no longer for sale as a combined product, but the content is available in the Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Computer Science ScienceDirect eBook Collections.

Prior to 2014, the Referex engineering reference collection of 2499 premium engineering eBooks was hosted on Elsevier's Engineering Village platform.  Elsevier has removed Referex from Engineering Village, and all Referex customers have been migrated to ScienceDirect, our full-text platform for Elsevier's complete electronic book and journal collections, where they will have access to the same content.  

By consolidating eBooks onto ScienceDirect, users now have convenient access on a single platform to the full text of our engineering book and journal content and can now navigate intuitively between these materials and your Referex holdings, saving time and promoting discovery.  Researchers also enjoy the easy-to-read interactive ScienceDirect  environment; chapter downloads with no DRM restrictions, and a range of other features designed to help optimize this content.  The ScienceDirect platform also enables unlimited simultaneous user access to Referex for users within an institution. 

Please see below answers to a few frequently asked questions, and please contact your Elsevier library representative or our Help Desk if you have any concerns.

Question:  Will my ScienceDirect subscription have exactly the same titles as my Engineering Village Referex subscription?
Answer:  Most of the Referex books are available on ScienceDirect and even have the same ISBN. In some cases, we have substituted a newer edition on ScienceDirect when setting up your subscription.  In a few cases, books that appeared as individual volumes with separate ISBNs on Engineering Village are hosted as a single multivolume book on ScienceDirect with one ISBN; the content on both platforms is the same even though the title count is different.  Click here to see a list of Referex titles included in subscription packages.

Question:  How can I access my Referex books?
Answer:  ScienceDirect is visible on the open web, but access to most full-text content is restricted by institutional subscription. If you are on campus at an academic institution, you can probably link directly to to access your Referex books. In other situations, such as non-academic entities or remote users, it will likely be necessary to login to your library website first and then locate ScienceDirect among its research databases. Once on ScienceDirect you can search for a specific book using the "Journal/Book title" search box at the top of the home page. Your Referex books will also be included in general search results.

Question:  Is there a list of titles that I now will access on ScienceDirect?
Answer: Click here to see a list of Referex titles on ScienceDirect.

Question:  Which ScienceDirect subject collections correspond to the Referex subscription offerings?
Answer:  Visit these ScienceDirect  subject collections for related information in these areas:

Chemical Engineering
Computer Science
Plastics Engineering from Hanser

Question:  Are MARC records available for my Referex titles on ScienceDirect?
Answer:  Yes, MARC records can be requested and are free.  Visit our MARC Records Page for ordering instructions.

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Last update: 14 Nov 2014