Online collection of high quality conference proceedings in over 20 subject categories

Procedia is an online collection of high quality conference proceedings in over 20 subject categories. If you are an organizer of an  international scientific conference, covering highly cited or timely topics then you could take advantage of Elsevier’s publishing resources and expertise.


Benefits for your conference:

Procedia collection offers authors and conference organizers a fast and cost effective way to provide maximum exposure for their papers. Contact us today for more information on Procedia (Contract publishing) or send the proposal template directly to the responsible publisher. Click on a Procedia icon below to learn more about a particular title and download the proposal template.

 AASRI Procedia Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia APCBEE Procedia Aquatic Procedia Procedia Chemistry Procedia CIRP Procedia Computer Science  Procedia Earth and Planetary Science Procedia Economics and Finance Energy Procedia Procedia Engineering Procedia Environmental Sciences Procedia Food Science  IERI Procedia Procedia IUTAM Procedia Manufacturing Procedia Materials Science Physics Procedia Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences  Systems Engineering Procedia Procedia Technology Transportation Research Procedia UMK Procedia Vaccinology Procedia 

Last update: 28 Jan 2015