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GEOBASE is a unique multidisciplinary database supplying bibliographic information and abstracts for development studies, the Earth sciences, ecology, geomechanics, human geography, and oceanography. The database provides current coverage of almost 2,000 international journals, including both peer-reviewed titles and trade publications, and provides archival coverage of several thousand additional journal titles and books. GEOBASE contains over 1.4 million records from 1980 to present, with more than 100,000 citations and abstracts added annually (almost 985 of all records include abstracts). The database is available electronically either online (which includes the World Wide Web), or on CD-ROM.

GEOBASE is unequalled in its coverage of international literature. Papers are selected, read and classified using a unique classification scheme that is versatile and updated annually to adapt coverage to current research trends. The material covered includes refereed scientific papers; trade journal and magazine articles, product reviews, directories and any other relevant material. As well as providing comprehensive coverage of the core scientific and technical periodicals, GEOBASE has a unique coverage of non-English language and less readily available publications including books, conference proceedings and reports, making this the best resource available for multidisciplinary searches of international literature. The content crosses over subject, language and cultural boundaries, providing a unique research tool to users.

GEOBASE Features

The coverage includes physical and social geography giving a unique perspective, in an easily searchable interdisciplinary format. The broad areas of coverage can be broken down as follows:

Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic Geology, Stratigraphy, Palaeontology, Geophysics, Environmental Geology, Economic Geology and Energy Sources

Rock and Soil Mechanics, Hydrogeology, Dams and tunnels, Earthquake Engineering, Site Investigation, Risk analysis, Waste disposal

Physical Oceanography, Marine Geology, Marine Meteorology, Biological Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Pollution and Environment

Physical Geography
Meteorology and climatology, GIS, Mapping, Remote Sensing, The Quaternary, Hydrology, Soil science, Global Change, Environmental Pollution, Geomorphology and Sedimentology

Human Geography
Environmental resources, Demography, Culture, Politics, Rural and Urban studies, National, Regional and Community Planning, Environmental Planning, Trade and Development, Agriculture, Industry, Transport, Tourism, Historical Geography

International Development
Environment, Agriculture, Natural resources, Economic reform, Investment, Industry, Demography, Urbanisation and Housing, Health and Food, Education, Poverty, Gender, Culture, Aid, Trade, International relations, Politics

Terrestrial Ecology, Aquatic Ecology (Marine, Estuarine and Freshwater), Microbial Ecology, Conservation, Applied Ecology (including Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Pests/Diseases and Pollution), Evolution and Palaeoecology


All material inGEOBASE is also available as print in the following Elsevier/Geo Abstracts journals:Geographical Abstracts, Physical Geography, Geographical Abstracts, Human Geography, Geological Abstracts, Ecological Abstracts, International Development AbstractsandOceanographic Literature Review(Pergamon),Geomechanics Abstracts(Pergamon).

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