Technical screening

To solve the problem of peer reviewers and Editors being overloaded with manuscripts which contain many ‘technical’ problems such as poor English, Elsevier introduced a Technical Screening process for all journal submissions.

Before a paper is sent to reviewers, it is screened automatically to ensure it adheres to a set of minimum technical standards. Manuscripts that do not meet this standard will be returned to the corresponding author, with a check-list of missing or insufficient items.

Authors can resubmit the paper after attending to these technical insufficiencies.

This process has been proven to dramatically improve the speed of the refereeing process but also help free up Editorial resources for more key tasks of journal management.

With an increasing number of papers being submitted from China and other Asian countries, we also manage the technical screening process in our Beijing office, to ensure that authors can be communicated with quickly and efficiently.

Additional manuscript editing services

We also provide English language editing services to authors. This service will professionally review and polish the scientific English language within 4 days. Authors will benefit from native English editors who are subject specialists in each manuscript’s field.

More information on this service is available at our Language Editing Webshop.