How Oasis works

OASIS for Editors is the production manuscript tracking service for Elsevier journals. Editors can use OASIS to check the production status of all of their journal's accepted manuscripts.

Each accepted manuscript that arrives at Elsevier for production is registered in the tracking system and added immediately to OASIS. Every step in the production process is also registered and updated in OASIS.

OASIS is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although we maintain records of every manuscript that has been published, information about specific manuscripts is removed from OASIS 12 months after the publication date.

The OASIS explanation of terms can assist you with the interpretation of your OASIS search results.

OASIS for Editors (No registration required)

Basic access to OASIS does not require registration. You can enter OASIS immediately using your journal's OASIS password and PTS journal abbreviation.

Search for production information using:

If you choose to leave these search boxes empty, all manuscripts in production for your journal will be listed in chronological order (the most recently received manuscript will be listed on top).

You will also be able to access a one-page journal summary: the journal summary provides a one-page overview of the number of papers in each phases of production for that journal.

Registered OASIS for Editors

Registered editors can set, save and change preferences for faster, more convenient access. During their initial registration, editors will be directed to set their OASIS preferences. They will also need to provide their OASIS password & PTS journal code once.

When you register for OASIS you will, on top of the version for which no registration is required, be able to set your preference in how results are displayed:

Manuscript Tracking for Authors

Authors can check their manuscript's production progress in the Elsevier tracking system by entering their surname and the manuscript reference, which they receive in their acknowledgement email.

More information

If you experience difficulties obtaining information about a manuscript, please contact Customer Support. It is helpful if you include the journal title and/or PTS abbreviation and the article reference in the subject line and mention the title of the article in the message.