User Participation

We are working closely with researchers and current users of the Elsevier Editorial System (EES) to make use of EVISE® both intuitive and enjoyable.

User participation through the Evise User Board

  • 15 Editors of Elsevier journals, representing a variety of disciplines, geographies and age groups, participate in the Evise® User Board. They provide ongoing feedback and expert advice to the EVISE® Product Management team.
  • The Editors meet with the EVISE® Product Management team once a year to discuss strategic developments and provide early feedback on prototypes.

User participation through validation with users

  • A well-established User Centred Design process is being applied for the development of the user interface and user experience.
  • Authors, Editors, Reviewers and relevant Elsevier staff are regularly interviewed and asked to provide insights on their needs, pain-points, expectations and behavior, as well as providing feedback on prototypes.