Migration of journals to Evise®

Dual system approach

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A dual system approach will be taken when a journal using EES moves to Evise®. Manuscripts already submitted to EES will complete the editorial process in EES. New manuscripts will be submitted and managed via Evise®.

This approach ensures the migration process is easier for users and that no submissions are lost during the transition period.

Journal migration to Evise®

Migration will take place on a journal by journal basis.

Elsevier will ensure the transfer is as smooth as possible. Key principles will be adhered to:

  • There will be close involvement of editors
  • Planning at a journal level will be communicated well in advance
  • There will be an integrated approach for editorial training, support and communication

The initial release saw a small number of carefully selected journals move to Evise®.

Further deployment

Future Evise® releases will build on current functionality thus enabling more journals to migrate. Journals which are considered suitable for migration to Evise® will be identified in consultation with Editors and Publishers.

Following the initial release, new functionality will be added to Evise® in quicker development cycles.

Highlights of the latest release are available on the Release Information page.