Elsevier is creating Evise® : a world class submission, editorial and peer-review system.

Evise will free up your time by making your publishing experience easier.

User friendly * Efficient * Adaptable


Evise® has been released

In October 2013, the first release of Evise® (also known as the Beta release) went live with a small number of carefully selected journals. These journals are piloting the new system and providing the Evise® development team with valuable feedback to refine future releases. Read more >>

Constant user participation

Editors at user test sessions.


"Very good – you see everything on one screen"
"Great improvement – this would speed up my review."

Screens designed for ease of use

All tasks on a single page.

Evise home screen

Single sign on to access all your journals. All information about the manuscript is presented on one page.

Designed around the user


Why is Elsevier building Evise®?

We want to make your life as an editor, reviewer or author easier by developing a web-based system that really suits your needs and makes your work more enjoyable. For authors, Evise will make publishing with Elsevier more attractive.

What are the benefits for my journal?

Evise offers improved support for authors, editors and reviewers. This new system will provide the tools to reduce publication times, while at the same time increasing the ease and quality of the peer-reviewing process. 

Why will Evise® be better than EES?

Evise has been built from scratch, with input from editors, reviewers, authors and Elsevier staff. With experience of working with EES over many years, these groups of people are able to provide their views on what they think the ultimate submission and peer-review system should be. You can read about the key benefits here.