Editors choice

Editors choice

Editors’ Choice presents the top 5 articles, hand-picked by the editors of the most renowned journals in the field. The ultimate insiders have narrowed down your choice of what to read by providing a well-founded selection of only the finest gems.

Editors' Choice is a service designed to feature recently published scientific articles of broad public interest from all journals published by Elsevier and to make this material widely accessible to both the scholarly community and general public. To have an article featured in Editors’ Choice is a high acknowledgment for the author. Editors enrich their journal articles by writing a recommendation illustrating why they have given these articles exclusivity.

Attending conferences is much more interesting if you come well-prepared. But what to read out of the host of articles available? The articles selected by the editors are also linked to exhibitions which are important to us.

Articles featured in Editors' Choice will be open for all to access and read and include innovative, relevant, groundbreaking articles for up to a full year after they have been chosen! Open Access journals and open articles will also be included in the Editors’ Choice selection.

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Editors choice

Elsevier can help you decide: The Editors' Choice tablet website can be seen wherever you are and on which ever device you choose to use.

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