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New QUOSA features make it easier to find and share life sciences info

QUOSA’s software helps information managers at pharma and biotech companies get content to the professionals who need it

QUOSA specializes in content management systems for information professionals at pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. When Elsevier acquired the Boston-based company last year, we knew that its products — such as Information Manager and Virtual Library — made a tangible difference for information managers and their constituents by making it easier for them to retrieve, organize and share articles from a wide array of sources. Our collaboration goes back to 2007. [caption id="attachment_21502" align="alignleft" width="135"]Michael Rai Michael Rai[/caption]

The acquisition combined the technological know-how of QUOSA with the scientific expertise and resources of Elsevier. It was aimed at helping us further improve our users’ workflow efficiency by integrating QUOSA’s tools with Elsevier platforms and content.

Now, we are introducing another set of enhancements, including iPad access.“Every single step we take in enhancing the QUOSA platform and solutions is based on our conversations with end users,” said Michael Rai, General Manager of QUOSA. “They are information professionals who need to access scientific literature from countless sources and distribute it quickly inside and outside their company. By knowing exactly what their information needs are and understanding the workflow issues they deal with every day, we can help them automate these workflows so they can get  the information they need faster.”[note color="#f1f9fc" position="right" width=400 margin=10]

Who uses QUOSA?

QUOSA’s tools allow information managers to automate the process of retrieving, organizing, and sharing articles from various sources, including ScienceDirectPubMed and Embase. Most of the professionals who use this information are in life science companies. For example:
  • Drug safety and pharmacovigilance teams track adverse events that must be reported within a certain period of time. One way to find out about these events is by monitoring published literature. With QUOSA, information managers can set up alerts so they can find out when new information about their company’s drugs is published.
  • Medical Affairs teams are responsible for answering questions from physicians and patients.  They use articles that are retrieved and stored with QUOSA in order to quickly respond to these queries.
  • R&D teams make use of articles accessed via QUOSA so they can stay current on the latest market developments and track what’s being written about their products [/note]

Last summer, we upgraded the QUOSA offering by launching a structured Product Literature Database solution, adding features like increased scalability, automatic tagging of search results and an enhanced interface. And as of this month, users can access and share Virtual Library documents via the iPad’s Safari browser.

“This makes it easier to swiftly respond to information queries by viewing and downloading PDFs while out in the field,” explained Rai, who is based in Amsterdam.

In addition to the iPad accessibility, scalability has been further improved to support the import of hundreds of alerts from PubMed and RSS feeds. Also, automatic de-duplication and tagging of articles makes them easier to find, and instant insertion of citations into Microsoft Word allows users to add references and build bibliographies as they write their reports.

In a recent case study, one of our users described how QUOSA has solved her every-day information management problems.

Fran Mozloom, Associate Director of Knowledge Management and Library Services at Shire pharmaceuticals, who is based in Philadelphia, wrote:

Thanks to QUOSA, we have been able to deal with our literature management issues, achieving an efficient, easy-to use process that saved time and money. Incorporating a literature management system is a great way to improve your literature management because you can then link all of your resources and systems together. Ultimately, it’s allowed us to spend more time reading and less time looking for and managing literature and that’s a huge benefit.

The latest enhancements are by no means the last. “In a fast and ever-changing information environment, information management systems need to be constantly updated and tailored to the needs of researchers,” Rai said. “We can’t just sit back; we’re going to keep getting better.”

[note color="#f1f9fc" position="center" width=800 margin=10]

What does QUOSA do?

Information professionals in life sciences companies are expected to distribute timely and accurate scientific literature for both internal and external customers, accessing it from a vast number of resources. The challenges associated with sharing this information can be daunting without the proper technology and tools to build and efficiently maintain an easily-accessible, copyright-compliant archive structure. In addition, the process of managing literature search alerts to keep workgroups current can easily become a full-time job itself.

QUOSA’s experts have worked closely with information professionals at leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies to develop an end-to-end online system that can meet their needs for collecting and organizingscientific literature and distributing it quickly.

QUOSA makes it easier to:

  • Develop and manage a copyright compliant, full-text literature database that meets regulatory requirements
  • Search directly in ScienceDirect, Embase, PubMed and other platforms.
  • Streamline the process of providing and managing alerts and current awareness.
  • Share article archives with workgroups or across the organization.
  • Organize all scientific and product information better with flexible, user-defined meta-data and tagging.
  • Integrate article ordering directly into scientific literature workflows and eliminate unnecessary order.

How do its products work?

[caption id="attachment_21496" align="alignnone" width="724"]QUOSA’s Information Manager enables professionals to view, and share full-text articles instantly. They can then store and organize scientific literature with the QUOSA Virtual Library. Also, give users easy access to articles in the QUOSA Virtual Library and share their own literature databases with QUOSA Browser Plus. QUOSA’s Information Manager enables professionals to view, and share full-text articles instantly. They can then store and organize scientific literature with the QUOSA Virtual Library. Also, give users easy access to articles in the QUOSA Virtual Library and share their own literature databases with QUOSA Browser Plus.[/caption] [/note] [divider] [caption id="attachment_21490" align="alignleft" width="110"]Neal Katz Neal Katz[/caption]

The Author

Neal Katz is Senior Product Marketing Manager for QUOSA, which Elsevier acquired last year. He has been at Elsevier for four years and has a MBA in organization psychology from Baruch College in New York and a BA in Business Administration from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvinia. He is based in New Providence, New Jersey.  

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spence thompson February 18, 2014 at 10:26 pm

we have set up a virtual library in my Quosa desktop system. How do I access the articles remotely from a Safari Browser?

Neal Katz February 19, 2014 at 2:55 pm

Hi Spence. Please contact us at support@quosa.com and we'll be happy to help you with this.

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