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Our Unique Contributions

We believe we have the most significant impact when we apply our expertise to areas like universal, sustainable access to information, advance of science and health, protection of society, and promotion of the rule of law and justice. In focusing on our unique contributions we benefit others and add value for Reed Elsevier by building trust in and outside the company and creating new opportunities.


We recognise that the growth and future of our company is built on our ability to deliver sustainable, essential information and services to customers and their willingness to accept the value placed on them.
We constantly strive to improve our existing products and to come up with new solutions that make our customers' work and lives easier. By doing so, we believe we can create sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships with them.


Contributing to our global communities is both an opportunity and a responsibility. It helps us inspire employees, assist beneficiaries, improve our reputation, and meet our obligations. Local and global communities provide our 'licence to operate'. We must recognise our impact, be accountable and give something back to our communities.


Reed Elsevier and its businesses have a positive impact on the environment, principally through the information we produce which informs debate, aids decision makers, and encourages research and development. We are committed to reducing any negative environmental impacts, while continually improving our environmental performance.