Yoga as Therapeutic Exercise book cover

Yoga as Therapeutic Exercise

A Practical Guide for Manual Therapists

Paperback, 256 Pages

Published: August 2010

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-3383-4


  • Forewords



    Chapter 1 Introduction to Yoga

    A short overview of the history of Yoga

    Yoga and health

    Aims to be achieved through practice and principles underlying the exercise approach

    Research on therapeutic yoga

    What anatomy teaches for the performance of yoga exercises

    Final considerations

    Chapter 2 Mindful exercising

    Theories of mindfulness

    Teaching mindfulness and mindful exercising

    Chapter 3 Diagnosis

    General considerations about diagnosis and testing

    Tests of our aims of exercising

    Exercise and pain


    Chapter 4 Motivation and cognitive-behavioural intervention strategies

    General considerations

    Practical measures

    Chapter 5 Preparatory practice for the yoga art of breathing

    General introduction

    Basic anatomy and physiology of respiration

    Preparation for Prānāyāma, the yoga art of breathing

    Chapter 6 The basic exercises

    General introduction: basic exercises

    Basic exercises for the lumbar spine

    Basic exercises for the thoracic cage and ribs

    Basic exercises for the thoracic spine

    Basic exercises for the shoulder girdle and the cervicohoracic junction

    Basic exercises for the cervical spine, head, and temporomandibular joint

    Basic exercises for elbows, wrists and hands

    Basic exercises for the pelvis

    Basic exercises for the hips

    Basic exercises for the knees

    Basic exercises for the feet

    Chapter 7 Selected āsanas for integrating the aims and principles


    Selected āsanas

    Combinations and sequencing of āsanas

    Chapter 8 Yoga in everyday life


    Selections from basic practice that are suitable to be integrated in many areas and situations

    Examples for integrating the spirit and the practice of yoga into everyday life





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