Wounds and Lacerations book cover

Wounds and Lacerations

Emergency Care and Closure

The revised and updated new edition covers all of the major clinical issues surrounding the care and closure of wounds and lacerations, including basic and complex wound care, anatomy, wound healing, infiltration anesthesia, cleansing, irrigation, choice of suture materials, consultations, and more. It provides clear, concise guidance on everything from the patient's arrival in the ED to discharge and follow-up care. And, more than 445 detailed illustrations—over 130 new to this edition—depict techniques for wound care and offer step-by-step guidance.

Emergency Physicians, Family Physicians, Emergency Nurses, EMS


Published: February 2005

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-02307-8


  • 1. Emergency Wound Care: An Overview

    2. Patient Evaluation and Wound Assessment

    3. Anatomy of Wound Repair

    4. Surface Injury and Wound Healing

    5. Wound Care and the Pediatric Patient

    6. Infiltration and Nerve Block Anesthesia

    7. Wound Cleansing and Irrigation

    8. Instruments and Suture Materials

    9. Decisions Before Closure—Timing, Debridement, Consultation

    10. Basic Laceration Repair: Principles and Techniques

    11. Complex Wounds: Advanced Repair Techniques

    12. Special Anatomic Sites

    13. The Hand

    14. Tissue Adhesives and Alternate Wound Closure

    15. Bite Wounds

    16. Common Wound Care Problems

    17. Minor Burns

    18. Cutaneous and Superficial Abscesses

    19. Complicated and Chronic Wounds

    20. Wound Dressing and Bandaging Techniques

    21. Tetanus Immunity and Antibiotic Wound Prophylaxis

    22. Suture Removal and Wound Aftercare


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