World Textiles Atlas

The World Textiles Thesaurus and List of Journals Indexed


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The World Textiles Thesaurus provides a unique hierarchical overview of all key concepts that are relevant to navigating scientific literature in the textiles and fibres domain. Both the Tree Structure and Term Relations are available for building sophisticated search strategies. In constructing the World Textiles Thesaurus, the same editorial rules were applied as to other successful thesauri such as EMTREE, the life Science Thesaurus.

The World Textiles Thesaurus covers:
A. Industry and Organization e.g. society, economics, management
B. Operations e.g. manufacturing processes, environmental treatments
C. Materials, Products and Resources e.g. fabrics, yarn, polymers
D. Phenomena e.g. physical, mathematical, chemical, biological
E. Equipment, Facilities and Structures e.g. machines and their components
F. Organisms and Biological Structures e.g. animals and plants, cocoons, seeds
G. Art, Science and Technology (including social science)
H. Information and Communication e.g. company information
I. Research and Methodology e.g. consumer research, product development

In addition to the Thesaurus, the World Textiles Atlas offers a comprehensive listing of all journals indexed in the World Textiles Abstract database, publishers' details, plus two extensive lists of major Textile Conferences and Organizations.
The World Textiles Thesaurus will serve as a valuable tool for collection management.

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  • Published: January 2006
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-52049-4