World Geography of Travel and Tourism book cover

World Geography of Travel and Tourism

A Regional Approach

World Geography of Travel and Tourism addresses the need to understand the cultural, environmental, historical and political context in which international tourism takes place. The expert author team has included major themes and issues in tourism, and positioned them in a regional context. In this way, this text takes a major step into a more analytical approach to global tourism while still providing a clear account of the geography of travel and tourism.The book is accompanied by the author's site, which includes; PowerPoints for figures and images with captions, question database files which instructors can use as they wish and a blog post for communicating with other members of the site. World Geography of Travel and Tourism makes vital reading for any student seeking an introduction to tourism geography and indeed, international tourism and global geography as a whole.

Mid-level undergraduates in tourism and geography, enrolled in courses such as International Travel and Tourism, Geography of Travel and Tourism, Geography for the Tourism Industry, Tourism Planning and Development

Paperback, 376 Pages

Published: April 2008

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7978-7


  • 1 Introduction 1.1 Geography and the Study of Tourism 1.2 Physical Geography1.3 Human Geography1.4 The Tourism Industry1.5 Tourist Demand1.6 Tourism Supply 1.7 Tourism Landscapes 1.8 Overview of This Book 2 Europe and Eurasia 2.1 The Geography of Europe 2.2 Tourism in Western Europe 2.3 Tourism in Eastern Europe 3 The Old World: Central Asia through Africa 3.1 Central Asia 3.2 Southwest Asia and North Africa 3.3 Sub-Saharan Africa 4 Asia and Oceania 4.1 South Asia 4.2 Southeast Asia 4.3 East Asia 4.4 Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and Antarctica 5 The Americas 5.1 Anglo North America 5.2 Latin North America 5.3 South America


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