Workplace Violence book cover

Workplace Violence

Planning for Prevention and Response

Workplace violence in all its forms is becoming more prevalent and pervasive every year. Workplace Violence: Planning for Prevention and Response gives a comprehensive account of the problem using a multi-faceted approach to the issues surrounding workplace violence incidents, addressing how the topic affects victims, witnesses, the workforce, family members, and management. A series of chapters helps organizations to form action and response plans to manage incidents both large and small. The focus also includes organizations that are forced to address violent individuals in settings where law enforcement may not be immediately available.

Kerr speaks first-hand about complex issues like corporate liability for violent or threatening acts committed by employees, as well as issues of privacy, and he includes chapters written by experts on legal issues, cyberthreats, and anger in the workplace. This book belongs on the desk of every security manager and HR professional, and offers solid advice to all managers regardless of the size of their organization.


Security and life safety professionals, campus security managers, contract security firms, human resource managers, business managers and property managers.

Hardbound, 344 Pages

Published: April 2010

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-1-85617-698-9


  • "Kerr's unique perspective on conflict and violence in the workplace, based on his years of professional experience, will help you prevent or respond to incidents in your organization."--Bonnie Michelman, Head of Security, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA

    "One of the foremost experts in the field of personnel security and workplace violence, Kim M. Kerr, CPP, has put together a comprehensive and functional manual. This book’s 15 chapters are easily digested, providing the reader with a great understanding of workplace-violence dynamics and remedies, such as increasingly common zero-tolerance policies. Kerr outlines the pros and cons of such policies, not only from a management perspective but also from an employee perspective….Of tremendous value are 12 appendices that can assist the reader in crafting sound policies and procedures. Templates include workplace weapons and violence policies, emergency procedures, and plans for active-shooter response and disaster recovery…. This must-read book presents an in-depth look at the dynamics of workplace violence…. This text presents a comprehensive look at early warning signs, violence on campus, policies and procedures, training and responding to an active shooter. The emerging issue of cyber-based threats is fully addressed in a complete chapter that includes specific recommendations for employers and employees."--Kevin Siegmund, Security Management Magazine


  • Chapter 1 Violence - A Matter of Perspective?
    Chapter 2 The Near Miss
    Chapter 3 Victims of Workplace Violence: A Life-Changing Event
    Chapter 4 Legal Obligations and Workplace Violence
    Chapter 5 Workplace Culture that may Breed Violence
    Chapter 6 Business Impacts of Workplace Violence
    Chapter 7 Reaction and Recovery: Treating the Wounds of Violence
    Chapter 8 Early Warning Signs: Can the Problem be Stopped Before It Starts?
    Chapter 9 Proactively Dealing with Anger in the Workplace
    Chapter 10 Violence on Campus: A New and Evolving Threat
    Chapter 11 Background Screening: Important, but Not the Silver Bullet
    Chapter 12 Policies and Procedures: Creating a Framework for Prevention and Reaction 
    Chapter 13 Training
    Chapter 14 Investigating Incidents: Responding to an Active Shooter
    Chapter 15 Cyber Threats: An Emerging Concern
    Epilogue: And the Beat Goes On
    Appendix A Sample Emergency Procedures
    Appendix B Sample Generic Plan and Procedure: Disaster Recovery Plan for Operations/Data Center
    Appendix C Sample Workplace Violence Policy
    Appendix D Selection of a Background Screening Provider
    Appendix E Early Warning Signs of Violence from an Internal Source
    Appendix F Checklist for Violence Attracting Conditions
    Appendix G Ways to Diffuse Frustration in the Workplace
    Appendix H CLEAR
    Appendix I Ways to Avoid the Cost of Violence in the Workplace
    Appendix J Responding to Active Shooters
    Appendix K Sample Workplace Weapons Policy
    Appendix L Sample Workplace Violence Prevention Policy


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