Working with Dynamic Crop Models book cover

Working with Dynamic Crop Models

Methods, Tools and Examples for Agriculture and Environment

This second edition of Working with Dynamic Crop Models is meant for self-learning by researchers or for use in graduate level courses devoted to methods for working with dynamic models in crop, agricultural, and related sciences.

Each chapter focuses on a particular topic and includes an introduction, a detailed explanation of the available methods, applications of the methods to one or two simple models that are followed throughout the book, real-life examples of the methods from literature, and finally a section detailing implementation of the methods using the R programming language.

The consistent use of R makes this book immediately and directly applicable to scientists seeking to develop models quickly and effectively, and the selected examples ensure broad appeal to scientists in various disciplines.

Researchers and students in agronomy, agricultural engineering, agricultural economics and agricultural statistics, and advanced biological systems modeling

Hardbound, 504 Pages

Published: December 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-397008-4


  • Preface


    Section I Basics

    1. Basics of Agricultural System Models

    2. Statistical notions useful for modeling

    3. The R programming language and software

    4. Simulation with dynamic system models

    Section II Methods

    5. Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis

    6. Parameter estimation with classical methods

    7. Bayesian methods for parameter estimation

    8. Data assimilation for dynamic models

    9. Model evaluation

    10. Putting it all together in a case study


    Appendix 1. Model descriptions

    Appendix 2. An overview of the R package ZeBook


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